Bee girl, be a girl...

Nasonex_bee Ahhhh, zee spring allergy seezohn is upohn us. Zee flowerz and treez are blooming and zee pollen is free flowing. As an allergy sufferohr, make sure to dose up on your medicashuns to protect yourself from... SNIPPET WEDNESDAY.

(Pretty soon I'm going to run dry on creative ways to intro these posts.)

I am so happy I didn't buy into the iTunes Pass that was offered for $18.99 a couple months back that gave customers a progressive download of content from Depeche Mode leading up to the release of their new album, Sounds of the Universe, yesterday. From what I've heard from Kevin Spencer, it doesn't seem to have proven worth it. Combine that with the current offer from the Amazon MP3 store to buy the nuts & bolts album for $3.99 (not sure how long this link or offer is good) and I'm really glad I didn't get the Pass.

At least my spammers are considerate of my time and keep their marketing thematic.


Oh, Marie's going to get it. She tagged me in a meme. And one that makes me work, at that. Damn her!

Here are the rules:

  • Take a picture of yourself right now.
  • No primping or preparing.
  • Just snap a picture.
  • Post the picture onto your blog.
  • Tag some people to play along.

Okay, here's my contribution to the meme. You must keep in mind that primping and preening don't happen for me, so what you see is what you get, regardless. I also don't tag. So play along if you'd like.

Scary morning me

And, Marie? I will get you, my pretty.

Funny how "cool" kids try to be. At the gym yesterday was this woman I'll call "O" (it's her initial and not a reference to the, er, novel, okay?) and she's there nearly every day. She's probably in her late 30s or early 40s and in really good shape and a lot of the divorced guys at our gym fumble over themselves to be her "friend." What was funny about yesterday was seeing a high school kid trying to impress her. He couldn't have been any older than about 17 and had the build of a cross country runner. But I watched from one of the weight machines as he headed back to the free weight alcove where she was working out, stopped in front of it, puffed out his chest, and then sauntered in. Considering the only two people back there were O and a guy in his mid 50s, I think it was pretty obvious who he was trying to impress. Kid, she's more than double your age and could kick your ass from here to Chicago and back before you even realized what was happening to you. Give it up.

Okay, I'm off to work.

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Good title for the post... :)


What a great song you used today! I'll be honest, I didn't even read the title but as I'm going through the first little part I started humming that song because I saw the bee. Then I was curious to what you picked and it was that song! Now if only Becca would stop stealing my iPod and taking with HER to work, I could could actually listened to that song right now. Stupid Word Warp. SHE'S GONE CRAZY!!!

hello haha narf

maybe hot older woman likes young meat?


You're a guy. No primping required.


I love the picture! You look fantabulous. No lie.

I also get similar spam mail. I wonder if spammers ever get bored? Who even opens those emails?


LoL that's not scary at all! You've got like a sexy broody look going for ya, actually :)


Leave it to you and Scott to note all the PJ titles. Check his comment after


That is unacceptable. You just take it back. She's supposed to be teaching
all day. She shouldn't have time for Word Warp.


This kid was so small it was arguable if there was any meat on him. ;-)


I'm a balding guy, too, so even less required.


You'd have to be one of the dimmest bulbs in the pack to actually open
those. And thanks!


Oooohhh... "sexy" and "brooding"... two words that have NEVER been used to
describe me. BIG HUGS!


Ah there is that wonderful Amazon link again that discriminates against Dutchies, boo :(


You look very mischevious today! :P

I want to be that woman, LOL. Not for the attention, but for being so fit!

Sybil Law

You look great!! (And wearing a great green shirt, too!)
Damn guys and their non primping need...

Sybil Law

Oh yeah!
I gave you an award.
Who, me - brain dead?!

Kevin Spencer

Speaking of allergies, mine are kicking my arse. I never had them before I swear. This year though, suckfest.


Out of my control. Sorry. Move here! Or let me know how I can help you via
e-mail. ;-)


Oh you want the attention and you know it! Mischievous? Really? I was
thinking exhausted. ;-)


Award? I'll have to check this out! Funny thing about the shirt... I didn't
even put two and two together on that one and it being Earth Day. Not until
I got to work and had to photograph a local Earth Day event.


I always thought the drier the climate like Arizona and New Mexico, the less
of a problem allergies are supposed to be. Sorry, man.


I know you totally plucked your eyebrows before snapping that photo. ;-)

Maybe that kid wants a cougar girlfriend?


You don't NEED any primping or preening! I on the other hand do. So no one better tag ME because I will never, ever, in this one, lol!


By the way...still want to trade CF album's? I got my Amazon copy if you want my bonus songs.


My eyebrows think that's a low blow! They pride themselves on internal
maintenance! ;-)


You primp? Never. I won't believe it.

As for the albums, I do want to trade, I just haven't purchased mine yet.
I've got to space apart purchases a little bit and Tuesday was Depeche Mode.
I will be getting it, I promise. And I did catch the Fallon show the other
night. Did you see it?


wish we could see THOSE special undies...


I thought about taking a picture similar to that but with no shirt and
telling everyone I was just in my undies to mess with your head.


Extreme Kama Sutra!

I'll bet the guys from Jackass wouldn't even try those.


But I could see a new adult video genre erupting from it. No pun intended.


oy vay, now i have to worry about you leading my wife astray?!? :-P

ya gotta give the gym kid a break ... i remember back in high school, if i saw anything remotely female (and not related to me, and not wrapped around someone else at the time) there was always a flicker of hope for drawing their gaze and thereby entering into a VERY meaningful relationship. hormones, awkwardness, and insecurity RULE!


I don't have to worry about giving him a break. She'd break him on her own.

As for Lynne, my middle nameis "homewrecker." My plan is to get you
hopped up on absinthe and run away with her. ;-)


I was tempted to do the iTunes Pass for Depeche Mode, but glad I didn't either. The $3.99 deal on Amazon was awesome. And as big as a DM fan that I am, I will get the CD/DVD set down the road to add to my CD shelf of many other DM CDs.


Funny thing is I don't own a single physical album of theirs. Actually,
that's the case for most bands anymore. 99% of my music collection is purely


hmmm ... tempting offer. as long as we don't have to go back to that hoity-toity Violet Hour place. never got hallucinations, but they would have been welcomed there!

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