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Happy Easter everyone!

I guess Katie and I can now eat sweets again. But, you know what? The concept just isn't appealing to me anymore. We did do well through our 47ish days. I say 47 because, if you look at a calendar, it actually started that long ago. Apparently Catholics take Sundays off from their Lent promises. I never knew that. But we kept going through those Sundays anyway.

We did lapse twice. Once was when my parents took us out for Katie's birthday dinner and we split a piece of cake. The funny thing was, it didn't taste like some great sweet revelation. It was just... cake. The same thing happened last weekend. We had some cake at Katie's parents' house and it did nothing for me. We did try a couple of our chocolate strawberries this morning from our favorite chocolatier in Geneva and it's just not the same anymore. I also had some jelly beans this morning and I've got a stomach ache now.

Have I lost the taste for chocolate and processed sugar? Is that even possible?

I think dieting just got that much simpler.

Katie and I went out to GameStop last night to buy an extra guitar for Guitar Hero on the Wii. I wanted to be able to play side by side with her just to make it more fun.

I started pricing them at GameStop and they had this cheap-o, off-brand guitar that looked like crap for $30. I couldn't see myself paying for something that looked like it was going to fall apart the same day, so I asked about the official guitar controllers. They were $60, without the game.

Then I saw a brand-new Guitar Hero: Aerosmith game on the shelf with the Aerosmith-branded guitar controller. It was marked down to $50.

So, instead of paying $60 for just a controller, I pay $10 less and get a controller and a game. True, it's a game I didn't enjoy that much, so I'll probably trade it back to them for another $15 in credit thus bringing my overall spending down to $35. 

Who was doing the thinking behind this one? Not that I'm complaining, but seriously.

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I feel the same way about the sugar - I don't feel like I am craving it that much. I haven't tried any though. And I just made a ton of sugar cookies.

Isn't that "not on Sundays" rule kind of funny? I didn't cheat on Sundays either. What's the point then?

Sybil Law

Fortunately, I don't have that much of a sweet tooth, anyway, so sweets just don't do it for me in general.
And are you assuming that someone actually *did* some thinking at GameStop?!! :)


It does seem utterly stupid. How is it sacrificing anything if you know you
only have to wait a maximum of six days to have some of whatever it is
again? Sure, if you don't, it winds up being more of a 47 day fast, but
isn't that even more a show of your commitment to the cause? Funny


Even the clerks there were utterly confused by it. The one had noticed ahead
of time, but didn't say anything to management because, to him, it was a win
for the "little people" like himself. I can stand behind that. ;-)


Gee... wish MY sweet tooth would go away. :)

Nice purchasing power. Aren't YOU the lucky one!


i think it was jon stewart (i credit everything "funny" to him nowadays) that suggested some catholics stop going to church for lent. weird to "cave in" on sundays, of all days. religious laws never do make much sense.

cool at beating the sugar tooth. mine never seems to go away. did you simply avoid sweets, or did you couple chocolate with ipecac a couple of times to develop an avoidance response?

i always feel super-suave when i find a pricing deal like that. i'm sure "management" knows - it's probably more about moving that aerosmith merchandise and stuff. but cool way to spend less! the most advanced gaming system i have is still sega genesis - i played "sonic" the other day, and am just about ready to hand down the system now. just one or two more days of "streetfighter 2" and "mortal kombat" ....


Pretty much the only remaining cookie or candy I eat lately are: gummy worms and those Sugar Wafers, the strawberry, chocolate and vanilla variety. Even the store brand works for me.

And that's a great Game Stop deal story. I've gotten my share of deals there over the years. Not a bad way to get another guitar.


I still fear it will come back. The only way to justify the purchase was to
make it cheaper. Believe you me. Anything for cheaper.


I ate some birthday cake yesterday and am still paying for it. I am thinking cutting back on sweets is a very smart thing!


No ipecac. That would entirely ruin it. It's all willpower right now. As for
your Genesis, I actually have Sonic on the Wii right now. Pretty fun. Also
have Bonk's Adventure (old TG16) and Punch-Out (sadly not the Tyson


That's all you eat in terms of sweets? Not bad. All will power or you can't
handle the rest of it?


After a week or so, you'll find it's not as bad as you might think.
Especially when you go back to it and realize you can no longer take it


Well, I like a few more desserts like Tiramisu and key lime pie, but mostly because I can't handle too many sweet things, at least all in one sitting.


I would hope not all in one sitting. Little overkill there. ;-)


Nice job on the Aerosmith Guitar Hero purchase! I would not be too excited about getting that particular game though. In my opinion (which means nothing around here) Aerosmith is not all that awesome. But to get the guitar on the cheap is very cool.

Have you guys played it yet?? More importantly, has Katie??


When I started dieting I cut sugary foods down to almost nothing. Now anything sweet just tastes *too* sweet. Weird huh?
Does help with the weight loss though ;)


Oh I had already played GH:Aero when it first came out and was severely
underwhelmed. I'm not a fan of any of their stuff post 1989 (Pump) and there
was too much of the new stuff. That's why the game will go bye bye. We'll
use the guitars for GH3. And, no, we haven't played yet. Soon. Very soon.


I totally agree with you. Actually, for me, it's not that it's too sweet, it
just doesn't taste like I remember it at all and I can't fathom why I used
to enjoy it so much.


Sounds to me like YOU were the one doing the thinking here! Nice deal!!

We got a great deal at Game Stop last week...I guess I should blog about it!?


Not eating sweets?? I don't know if I can talk to you anymore dude. That's just.. just... HERESY!!


Well you can. I just did it because I couldn't think of much else to say.


I know, I know. And me being the former devotee that I was. It's shameful.


There is actually a reason why Catholics have whatever they gave up on Sundays. It's because Sunday is the Sabbath...the day we remember and celebrate Jesus' ressurection and saving us from our sins. So the idea is that you're not supposed to be suffering on that day...but celebrating instead.

And I can honestly say that I was dying every six days that I could not have my soda, lol!

I'm amazed that your fast caused you to crave sugar (and even cake!!) less. Gosh I REALLY need to try that because that is SO my weakness!! Congrats to you for sticking it out!

(Re: GameStop....I've long had a beef with their pricing...ridiculous)


Yeah, and resale shop tends to be wonky in pricing. There were times I'd go
into Coconut's Records (when they still existed) and would see four
different prices on the same album. Weirdness.

As for the whole Catholic thing, I guess that makes sense. But it strikes me
that it would show greater dedication to the cause to just do it the whole
way through. I don't see why you can't still celebrate and remember Jesus
while continuing your Lenten sacrifice. I think that's the only reason I was
able to decrease my cravings. If I had been able to indulge every seven
days, I'd still want it now.


I'm sorry, but you can't take chocolate out of your diet. That's just unacceptable. Chocolate is just too delicious not to eat.

Oh and not all Catholics take Sundays off. I'd actually never heard of that before. I think some are just being lazy! :)


We'll see how it goes. For now, though, I gotta play it safe and not run the
risk of severe stomach ache. As for the Catholics, it's weird the little
rules that pop up here and there as well as the caveats to them. A coworker
told me she heard that when you turn 59 years old, you no longer need to
practice Lent. WTF?

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