Can't you smell that smell...

I am making a concerted effort to ensure that this blog is more environmentally friendly. To that end, this Snippet Wednesday is 100% compostable and can be used as a very potent fertilizer (read: is more full of shit than ever).

I can't wait... less than a week... however, after buying my new camera lens, I may have to hold off a bit. Money, yanno. But enjoy this fake video promo for the new Punch-Out!! on the Nintendo Wii, all the same. Funny stuff.

Well, my bite hasn't completely healed yet, but no rabies indications either, so that's a good thing. However, I don't think I ever mentioned how Katie asked if Noelle, whom I sometimes refer to as "Devil Dog," might actually be a vampire and this bite would thus turn me into her very own Edward Cullen, complete with great hair. Then she proceeded to stare at me wide-eyed in anticipation of the transformation. Yeah, she was a bit disappointed.

Katie and I saw the new Star Trek last night after running at the gym. Yep, we're still with the whole running thing, but on to Trek. We both enjoyed the heck out of it. Great movie? No. But damn fun. And, as I always say, if Katie can enjoy a scifi film, all the better. I will say that one of her reasons for seeing it (Eric Bana) was a bit of a letdown as he was so caked in makeup you couldn't tell it was him. But the overall movie was definitely cool and Katie has said she'd watch both the sequel (in which I really hope they do more with Zoe Saldana as Uhura) and maybe even some of the original films with me. Oh, and Simon Pegg rocked that film.

Sorry if yesterday's post turned some of you off. I know religion is not a favorite topic to talk about. But I know it's bad when the first two comments are from 1) a person who is completely unidentified (Google ID that didn't populate the form fields correctly; perhaps Whall? I think this has happened to him before on here) and 2) another person I've never seen here before. But I thank you all for the comments you did leave. They did confirm my own views on the subject at hand.

Sadly, no, I didn't see this myself, if it's even real. It was sent to me by my mom. Still funny, though. C'mon people, think about the roaches!


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I can't believe you didn't like Star Trek more. I must be more of a trekkie than you are because I thought that it was pure genius. I don't want to spoil it for anyone so I won't put down any specifics, but I thought the way they went about opening up a whole new Star Trek universe was darn near perfect. My only quibbles would be with the characters of Chekov and the ice world monster... Both were a little too over the top. And I felt a little let down by the Enterprise. It wasn't enough of a part of the film, imo.


I can't believe you didn't like the Star Trek movie, either. The biggest reason I can't believe it is because I read what you actually wrote. ("We both enjoyed the heck out of it. Great movie? No. But damn fun.")

In other news, is there a chance PETA could get on board with the Cockroach/Cancer thing? I'm a member of PETA under the logic of a spy/mole, and I will bring it up at the next meeting.


You're not a vampire? Tell Katie to look again because I think you're looking a bit sparkly to me.

And the sign? LOVE IT!


Hyperion, what Allison said was she couldn't believe he didn't like it MORE, probably referring to him saying it wasn't a *great* movie.

What kept it from being great for me was Anton Yelchin's caricatured Chekov. And I'm trying really hard to get past Kirk having BLUE eyes. Oddly, it didn't bother me at all that Bones had brown eyes. I'm sure Karl Urban had something to do with that, ahem.

I want LOTS more Simon Pegg/Scotty next time!


Star Trek was definitely the best movie I think I've seen of 2009. I don't even like Trek, and I loved it.


I don't think cockroaches can get cancer. After all they would survive a nuclear blast! Ew.

I miss your most yesterday, but now I need to go read it (lots of catch up to do).


If the cockroaches are getting cancer then things really ARE bad.

Sybil Law

Vampire?! Awesome. Or, you could be a dog vampire... Do you have this strange urge to lick your own butt?! Haha
I don't think you should ever apologize for anything you write - well, you know what I mean. I liked the question!
Haven't seen Trek.
The sign rocks, but I really wish cockroaches would get cancer and die off. Those things make me want to hurl.


I did like Star Trek. Just not doing backflips, but I liked it and smiled
the whole way through. And I liked Chekov. Sure he was a bit over the top,
but I like Anton Yelchin. The ice monster, though? I kept thinking Han would
ride by on a TaunTaun to save Kirk.


I did like it. What about that quote did you miss? That simply meant it
wasn't my A#1 movie of all time. Might make my top movie list of the year,
but we'll have to wait and see. I'm not reserving it a spot right off the
bat, though.




I didn't miss anything, numbnuts; I was (gently) teasing Allison for thinking you didn't like the film when you explicitly stated you did.

I guess I was a little too gentle!

(Go back and look at my comment again. I think my award-winning deadpan humor will come through. But just in case, from now on I will always tag "DPH" when attempting my laconic wit.)


Thanks for standing up on that one.

As for eyes, meh. And I did like Karl Urban, too. Not for the same reasons
you did, but still. :-)


And I liked that you gave it an honest go. It would've been easy to pass
claiming your lack of Trek love, but you did and you liked it. I think that
also helped Katie decide to see it because she's in the same boat as you.


Yeah, roaches are here for the long haul.


That would be funny to see, though.


No self lathering, but I feel the need to pee on your foot and hump your


That works.


Maybe if the dog had bitten you in the neck?

That sign is very funny!


Hmmm... not willing to go back and ask for a second chomp myself.


What's funny (to me) is that I skipped yesterday's post because I thought it seemed to be about hockey.

I just read it and the first two comments. GloriOzki's comment (and I likely misspelled the handle) struck me as I used to talk to God when I prayed, and then I read something about Jesus wanting us to do the "Our Father" as God knows what's in our hearts and what our needs are and he really doesn't need us droning on. Now I sort of mix it up -- I do a little bit of talking and throw an "Our Father" in there at the end to cover anything my conscious mind might have missed.

Kevin Spencer

I still haven't seen Star Trek yet. Was going to at the weekend but time seemed to get away from us. Maybe this weekend.


Since everyone else has already talked about Star Trek, I will say this...don't apologize for talking about religion on YOUR OWN BLOG, mister! It's your pad and we're just visiting. ;)

Ahem...of course this has nothing to do with the fact that I will be talking about it myself later on. ;)


I don't see how mixing it up would be bad. Keeps things interesting.


Got away from us too. Busy weekend. That's why we went last night. Katie
actually didn't have class!


Oh, do share! Looking forward to it.

Sybil Law

That is so funny, because SO many dogs have humped my leg.
True story.

SoMi's Nilsa

I'd like to borrow that sign and change it slightly to say: PLEASE DON'T SMOKE WHERE THE SIGN SAYS NOT TO SMOKE BECAUSE YOU'RE GIVING EVERYONE IN THIS BUILDING CANCER. Ahem. There might be a big fat no smoking sign outside one of the entrances to the building, yet people still manage to smoke there, sometimes leaning on the sign for support. Gah!


You must have a wonderfully hump worthy leg!


Yeah, so much for that 15 feet away from doorway rule here in Illinois, eh?

Sybil Law

Not all those dogs were canine, either. Ha!
Ba dum bum.


Oh ugh. Leave it to you. ;-)


I saw Star Trek last night and LOVED IT! THE WULKANS! haha Oh man. If they make sequels I'll definitely go see them, and I think I was right that I'm more of a Trekkie than I thought because I giggled with glee when Old Spock showed up.

So the wife is a Twilight fan too huh? Can't say I blame her for wishing just a little that the bite would turn you into Edward. He IS dreamy and all...


Katie geeked out when she saw Spock, too. I wasn't even thinking about what
was happening at that point, who the dude with the torch was pulling that
Obi-Wan stunt with the snow monster. Didn't even dawn on me while Katie was
bouncing up and down in her seat. She knew exactly what was happening. Me? I
was still waiting for Han to show up on a TaunTaun and I had completely
forgotten that was supposed to happen.

Yeah, she's read the Twilight series three times. Pretty sick if you ask me.
I still haven't finished the series once through. I've got book four left.
Yeah, she has the movie too, although she's not as gung-ho about the film as
she is the books.


OMG, I loved Scotty, too! Looking forward to seeing more of him in the next one.

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