One for the money, two for the show...

I'm of the opinion that not only should I be enjoying this geeky kick that Katie is on, but, to a safe degree, I ought to exploit it for all its worth while I can.

I've suggested a few potential things we can watch together and she just doesn't know which way to go yet. This is where you all come in. I need you to help us decide. I've put together a little poll with some of the things I've suggested and some others I just kinda threw in there and I want you all to vote on what you think Katie and I should watch together next. Bear in mind I've seen all of them, so none of it is new to me; just to her.

And a few explanations and caveats. On "other," don't go suggesting Battlestar Galactica or any other lengthy television series. There's too much to watch and she'll get bored quickly. Firefly is okay because it is such a short series, we already own it, and I figure it stands a chance with her because it stars both Nathan Fillion and Adam Baldwin, both of whom she loves. And The Last Starfighter is in there for reasons detailed in today's TUA.

Vote away!

On December 4, 1956, Sam Phillips, the founder of Sun Recording Studios, witnessed the perfect storm of musical talent in his studio. For that one night, four recording legends met up and jammed well into the night. Carl Perkins, a man desperate for a second hit song after his first, "Blue Suede Shoes," was made more popular by Elvis than himself; a brash up and coming pianist and vocalist named Jerry Lee Lewis; a brooding man nearing both the peak of his career and the end of his contract, Johnny Cash; and Elvis Presley himself, a man disgruntled with his newfound fame with RCA Records who wishes he could return to the simpler times with Sun.

Yes, this is a true story that has been immortalized in the musical Million Dollar Quarter, which Katie and I saw last night with my mom at the Apollo Theater in Chicago. These four legends, along with Elvis' girlfriend Dyanne and session bassist Jay Perkins (Carl's brother) and drummer "Fluke," rocked away the night with some soul and R&B classics as well as some of their own hits and songs that were being worked on for future albums.

The best part about this show is that all the music and singing were live and performed by the actors themselves. Nothing recorded. It was incredible. The actors were spot on in their takes on these classic musicians so far as I could tell (I wasn't quite alive in their heyday, but I've seen enough video). Some of the highlights were Rob Lyons as Carl Perkins who had that rockabilly swagger down pat and had a look in his eye that screamed both that he was the man in charge and yet with just enough of an edge to make you think he could crack at any moment. Then there was James Scheider, a last second addition to the program (he wasn't even the understudy for the original), as Jerry Lee Lewis. He was just on fire, playing out all of Lewis' eccentricities to perfection.

But the coolest thing for me was seeing one of my childhood heroes as the Man in Black. Lance Guest, who starred as Alex Rogan in The Last Starfighter, was 50 feet away from me. This was the kid from a trailer park who played a video game and was subsequently recruited by the Star League to defend the frontier against Zuur and the Kodan Armada! I wanted to be Alex Rogan! More than I wanted to be Han Solo, and that's saying something. Plus, his girlfriend, Maggie (Catherine Mary Stewart), was hot. I was so geeked out I couldn't handle it. And he owned the role of Johnny Cash... the voice, the strumming, the expressions, the raised guitar. Everything.

We loved it. If you get a chance to see it in Chicago or in your own town should you be lucky enough, then GO. It's worth every penny and then some.

Holy crap, did I just blog five straight days? Better slow down before I burn out!

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It's funny, I am currently watching Firefly on Hulu. I think I only have 4 more to go. I picked Star Wars however, since I think it is more culturally relevant. Have fun exploring her geeky side. (My wife said she wants to watch the new Star Trek movie with me, maybe it is the season for the girls to come into their own geek-ness?)


Clearly 'tis the season! Take her before she hears something negative that
makes her change her mind!

Sybil Law

Star Wars, totally!!
That show sounds awesome. Doubt it'll come here, though! Hmph.


I love when you get on these blogging kicks but, sadly I know I can't take them for granted. You probably won't post for a week and then where will I be? Lonely without Kevin. That's a sad place to be buddy.


I vote for a totally geeky run of Fifth Element (it has a bit of comedic relief to assist the sci-fi), Stargate (the movie) and then get her into SG-1 the TV series (I own all 10 seasons plus the straight to DVD movie released after the series ended if you want to borrow them. And SG-1 has the added bonus of MacGyver!

As someone who loves the Star Trek series, I actually think a couple of the Star Trek movies suck (namely Voyage Home and Final Frontier). But as a jumping off point, it isn't a bad series to start with.

Kevin Spencer

I bloody loved The Last Starfighter when I was a kid. I wonder if I should just leave my memory of it alone. I mean, what if I watched it again now and it was all a little bit crap? Like, er, The Karate Kid. Why oh why did I watch that again as an adult. Why?


I've never even heard of those last three. I guess I'm not a geek.


OK, I have the projector again, so we can set up a movie night on the big screen and do popcorn and beverages and rock it out. Naturally, Star Wars I think is the best because of not only the Sci-Fi aspect of it, but the actors and the dialogue are unmatched!

Eric K.

I voted Star Wars also (original trilogy, of course!)... it's close in spirit to the latest Star Trek! Also - I noticed your musical selections in the sidebar... good to see you are enjoying the tunes!


I voted for the trilogy too, those are good movies whether they are sci-fi or not. I think she'd enjoy them.


Make the trip! Cincy's all of what, six hours from Chicago?


You can always go back to the beginning of my blog and read from there to
fill in your lonely days.


I look forward to Trek II and IV, mostly. Stargate? Maybe the movie. Even I
don't watch the series. Too much. I know she won't commit to a series that
long. And Fifth Element was one even I didn't dig. I don't know why. It
bored me. Sorry. You're clearly geekier than I.


Battlestar is more of a drama than scifi. She doesn't have the attention span for a drama series of any type?


That's a worry of mine too, especially after having ruined both Beverly
Hills Cop and The Pirate Movie. But then I realized (too late for the two I
just listed) I have to go back and watch these films with a pint-sized
mentality and similar expectations. So I can still watch The Karate Kid
without a problem and even saw The Last Starfighter a year or two ago and
loved it. That was a fantastic movie. Another good way to look at it is by
realizing what an important movie it was in terms of cinematic
achievement... it was the first to have all the outer space scenes done by


I can understand and forgive having not heard of Starfighter and even
Firefly, but the Alien movies? With Sigourney Weaver (Ghostbusters)? It just
has Quadrilogy after it in the poll because it's a four-movie series -
Alien, Aliens, Alien3, and Alien: Resurrection. You have heard of these,


That is some damn fine dialogue. And I have the originals (THX remastered
but with none of the crapped-up added footage from the theatrical
re-releases in the late 90s) on DVD. Let's do it.


There is very little from this latest batch I do not love. Good choices!


I think what makes both these and the Firefly series so cool is the "space
cowboy" aspect to them. They're much more fun and adventurous than they are
steeped in science and whatnot.


She does, but the problem is that we've got so damn many shows we watch as
it is that committing to another one becomes more chore than enjoyment. I
think with this sort of thing I still need to take baby steps. Give it to
her in smaller doses and let her make up her mind that way. Movies are best
in that regard. Build up her tolerance for it. Then, maybe, we can look into
something a bit more. Know what I mean?


get her involved in the Night of the Living Dead series.

whenever we have FAMILY VIDEO weekend, we always start with those.

great fun AND the Night of the Living Dead #2 is got some really funny parts.


Funny thing, even I've never seen those. Zombie movies have never done much
for me.


"This computer has already voted! It is allowed to vote only once for this poll"

BUGGER! I totally tried to cheat to put Firefly in the lead. I loooooooove Firefly!! I watched it numerous times and have forced pretty much everyone I know to watch it. If they say no I guilt them into it by buying it for them as gifts. teehee

Don't get her to watch the old Star Trek movies or the any of the Star Wars. You'll ruin this winning streak you are on, I'm sure of it. :P


I did it because I knew someone would cheat! And it was YOU! Ha! Caught you
red handed!

Trek I worry about ruining this. Star Wars? It's got Harrison Ford! How can
that ruin it? ;-)


Other - Lost. Then BSG (the first scene in the mini-series will hook her in).

I agree that Star Wars is culturally relevant, but when I had my ex watch it with me she thought it was campy (I should have known from that...). If you're going the Star Trek route, I'd say IV (The Voyage Home) and Generations are the best for the novice.

Another thought...Bladerunner.


Even I gave up on Lost. And I bad mouthed it enough that I know Katie
won't come anywhere near it.


I voted for Alien but it occurred to me that Firefly ---I just saw the movie that goes with--would also be a good way to get going. Of course you could always do what I just survived--a 13 hour marathon LOTR trilogy.

Brad and I toured Sun Records and touched that upright piano and stood where they stood. That photo of us on the ConFab, Baby page was taken at the mic in the recording studio. They tell you on the tour that the famous photo of the four also included a Vegas show girl Elvis had with him. She was seated on the piano top. It was awesome and when we go back to Memphis we'll likely go again.


That is too cool about the studio and piano. I did know about the showgirl.
They called her "Dyanne" in the musical and didn't allude to her being a
showgirl. Apparently, nobody is 100% certain of her identity and, even
though they have a name, they cannot find her to corroborate the story. So,
instead of winding up in potential legal trouble, they made up a new
character to represent her in the musical and "Dyanne" was born.

Katie and I watched Fellowship of the Ring together, but she never willed
herself to watch the final two. In all honesty, I haven't even rewatched
them in 5+ years. Hard to believe they were that long ago. You are a brave
woman. ;-) Looks like Star Wars and Firefly are pretty neck in neck. Gotta
figure out when to close the poll.

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