I'm on the nightrain, ready to crash and burn...
Come on let's take the long cut...

All in all, it's just another brick in the wall...

Do you have anything that you like to do that others might view as weird? Be it an odd habit or an off-the-wall hobby?

I'm asking because my wife is addicted to painting. I don't mean like watercolor or acrylic painting on canvas, but painting walls. And it's getting a bit out of control. This past weekend, when I was supposed to be in Kentucky, we repainted our master bedroom. No, the paint job is not the reason I didn't go to ConFab, but I'm sure Katie was happy to have me around to help all the same.

We painted our master bedroom for the first time a couple years ago after tearing out the monstrosity of a built-in shelving unit that our predecessors left us (remind me to thank them with a nail gun). We had painted opposite walls in a light green and tan color scheme. I always kinda dug it, but I knew Katie was never quite happy with it.

Now three of the walls are a dark gray-blue (Katie insists they're more of a blue-green... I think she's colorblind) with one accent wall that is a nice rich brown. I do really dig the colors. It's got a very mature look to it. An adult bedroom, if you will. Katie's not as sold on the blue as she was when she saw it as a sample chip, but I'll be damned if she's repainting again.

Oh, and we got it all done in one weekend.

This could either be interpreted as a sign that we didn't have nearly enough else to keep us busy or that we're just getting too good at this painting shit. Either way, I'm hoping she doesn't want to repaint yet another room. Is there a 12-step program available for this sort of addiction?

Pictures are forthcoming once I take the "after" photos.

OH MY GOD!Starbucks has killed their maple pecan scone!

You bastards!


R.I.P. Maple Pecan Scone... how I loved thee.


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Okay, admit it. Katie really married you because you love to paint, right? ;)
Also, whaaaaat is this awful news about the maple pecan scone??? Ack! I wish I could have had at least one more before they killed it. Wah. :(


Instead of paint, we like to use the stick-on prints you can apply to the wall. You can get all sorts of cool things, like craft-looking sayings, silhouettes of celebrities, nature scenes, star trek themes, a whole mess of stick-on prints that can suit your fancy whenever you want something specific. there's even Disney ones.

So I ordered them week before last in anticipation of surprising my wife with them. A week went by and nothing. It annoyed me, so I called them and they said they're on their way. I couldn't wait any more to tell my wife, so I told her about it. She was so excited, and was even giddy that I had chosen the Disney themes.

And she sang to me, "Some day my prints will come."


So if I ever own an apartment or house, would you two come and help me paint it? :)


Maybe the maple pecan scone will keep coming back to life like Kenny.


I wish I liked to paint like that. I dread it. I can't wait to see what the colors look like! It sounds like something Steven and I would like.


Amy does the same thing. She even painted our couch!

radioactive tori

I actually LOVE to paint. I have painted every room in our house except the basement, which was painted when I was recovering from surgery. I even painted the 2 story rooms, something I will never attempt again because heights scare me. I don't necessarily love the actual painting part, but when I am done and I see the results and know that I did it myself? Best thing in the world.

Sybil Law

I love painting, too! Best color ever: Halcyon Green, by Sherwin Williams. It's really this insane blue - green - gray color, and changes with the light accordingly. I love it!
I do hate the trim work, though. I've painted rooms in 1 day. That usually requires some alcohol.
No comment on the Starbuck's. (Don't drink it ever.)


Does she want to come and paint my bedroom?


ouch -I think home renovations are the hardest thing a couple goes through. I met my wife when I was renovating a loft building. If we lived through that, we can live through anything. Anyways, here's a little resource I've found, these guys have the cheapest and best lookin' wall units I've found to date. Amazing service (like someone actually picking up the phone when I call...) www.milesgershon.com




oops here's the link http://www.milesgershon.com modern wall units and entertainment centers etc...


So you're into those life-size wall clings of athletes that they now sell, aren't you? Totally cool. Might I suggest, for a change of scenery, talking to Blockbuster Video about taking some of their giant window cling movie advertisements? Rockin! (I love the final quote... too funny)


If the previous owners had installed something like this in our bedroom, we may have actually kept it. Alas, no.


Given the proper incentive, she might.


You're sick. But I, too, hate trim work (that sounds bad). Good thing you don't have to drink scones! ;-)


I did the 18 foot walls and the ceiling as well. Not fun at all. What's worse was dealing with these very walls on a staircase. Nuh uh.


There's a fantastically witty reply to the couch comment somewhere... and I can't find it to save my life.


That's because painting is dreadful. Stick to your guns and just say, "hell no!" to painting.


One can hope.


If you're paying airfare!


Not a chance with the painting. I guess it's okay once you're into it, but the process leading up sucks. And I wish I could've bid my beautiful scone farewell, too.


You know I want to repaint my livingroom, does she have some free time?


Is painting a room all in one weekend a lot? Because it sounds do-able to me. But maybe I am crazy?

I like to rearrange my furniture every few months. I think a lot of people might find that odd...


Probably not, no. But we still had to price and buy the paint, get the supplies, move all our crap and clean where it was (because, really, who vacuums under dressers and beds on a regular basis?), let the first coat dry, and paint the second coat and touchups. Oh yeah, the trim too.


For the right price, she might.


Painting. Someday, I'd like to know how to do that. Until then, we support the economy by finding someone that knows how. Then we can look at our walls and say "great job"

In lieu of painting, my wife finds other projects for me/us to do that I'm not skilled at.

Sorry you missed Kentucky, but Katie was able to have you at home to help with the painting.


Keep the economy working! Were you in Kentucky?


I was not in Kentucky, but after reading all of the blog updates, I wish I would have been there.


I wasn't sure if you were there or not because Turnbaby had told me
that somebody named Marty was going to be there, but I didn't know if
it was you or not.


Turns out, there is another Marty in this blogger circle we are in.


At least there will always be Chilly Willy ;-)


Bummer, man. Sorry. But don't forget PenguinBytes!


I think some of my friends think it's weird that I play video games but I know other women that do too. I think that wall painting is a pretty cool hobby -- if you lived in Seattle, I'd be happy to let Katie experiment with my 2nd bedroom (it's the one color that didn't turn out quite as I'd liked).


Please don't tease Katie like that. We have always wanted to visit the PacNW.

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