I'm on the nightrain, ready to crash and burn...
Come on let's take the long cut...

All in all, it's just another brick in the wall...

Do you have anything that you like to do that others might view as weird? Be it an odd habit or an off-the-wall hobby?

I'm asking because my wife is addicted to painting. I don't mean like watercolor or acrylic painting on canvas, but painting walls. And it's getting a bit out of control. This past weekend, when I was supposed to be in Kentucky, we repainted our master bedroom. No, the paint job is not the reason I didn't go to ConFab, but I'm sure Katie was happy to have me around to help all the same.

We painted our master bedroom for the first time a couple years ago after tearing out the monstrosity of a built-in shelving unit that our predecessors left us (remind me to thank them with a nail gun). We had painted opposite walls in a light green and tan color scheme. I always kinda dug it, but I knew Katie was never quite happy with it.

Now three of the walls are a dark gray-blue (Katie insists they're more of a blue-green... I think she's colorblind) with one accent wall that is a nice rich brown. I do really dig the colors. It's got a very mature look to it. An adult bedroom, if you will. Katie's not as sold on the blue as she was when she saw it as a sample chip, but I'll be damned if she's repainting again.

Oh, and we got it all done in one weekend.

This could either be interpreted as a sign that we didn't have nearly enough else to keep us busy or that we're just getting too good at this painting shit. Either way, I'm hoping she doesn't want to repaint yet another room. Is there a 12-step program available for this sort of addiction?

Pictures are forthcoming once I take the "after" photos.

OH MY GOD!Starbucks has killed their maple pecan scone!

You bastards!


R.I.P. Maple Pecan Scone... how I loved thee.