All in all, it's just another brick in the wall...
Don't you need to get back in the arms of a good friend...

Come on let's take the long cut...

Welcome to a sopping wet edition of Snippet Wednesday.

It began pouring here yesterday and didn't let up much. Of course, at work we had an outdoor event and I wound up drenched. I'm thankful that I had some workout clothes and a pair of shorts that I was otherwise going to take back to Kohl's to exchange for a smaller size. Sure I didn't match all that well, but it beats walking around in sopping wet dress clothes. Yay. Even after wet clothes dry up, they still feel wet, you know what I mean? Softball tonight should be fun with how flooded the fields are likely to be. Thank God I'm not playing because...

Yeah, my six-month cleaning with the dentist is tonight. My only question is whether I'm going to wind up with the nice, cute hygienist or Hygienist Ratchet. Any bets?

Here's a hint for any one of you... when cutting a loaf of bread with a serrated knife, make sure the serrated edge is toward the bread and not toward your guide finger. Just sayin'. Some fuckin' Eagle Scout I turned out to be.

I got a little freaked out the other day when I received an Facebook friend request... from my mom. My mom is on Facebook. This scares me. I love you, mom, and I know you're reading this, but it still freaked me out.

I didn't realize that a couple weeks ago I hit the one year anniversary of Snippet Wednesdays. Holy cow! That's the longest I've stuck with any theme on this blog. Way to go, me!

I had another thing I wanted to mention as a snippet. Thought about it this morning on the drive to work. Of course, I didn't write it down and now it's forgotten. And I'm sure I'll think of it again precisely one hour after this post goes live. Because that's just how my brain works.

Okay, time to get ready for yoga and then figure out what to do for lunch. I forgot (seems to be going around) to bring anything to eat today. Go fig, eh?


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Wow, you've been doing the snippets for a year now? Time is just flying by!


I keep trying to get my mom on FB. She misses out on so much family stuff since she is the only one not on there.

I hope you didn't cut your finger too bad.


I think you have our rain?


Seriously, what is up with the rain?! We get sun MAYBE once a week or once every two weeks and then all it does is pour. I think everyone is just about tired of this wet season we're getting.

Best of luck at the dentist! I hope you get nice, cute hygienist. Ugh, I hate going.

And a bloggy high five to you for the one year Wednesday snippet anniversary!

Sybil Law

I hope you get the cute hygienist. However, the Ratchet lady would make for a better blog post. Probably. ;)

Kevin Spencer

Rain? What's that again? Oh you mean that wet stuff that falls from the sky. Us desert dwellers sure do miss that.


Blew my mind, too.


She's the only one? Wow, that's strange.


Damn you.


It's insane how wet the summer is and how snowy the winter was. Not good.


I already blogged that. I'd rather not go through it again.


Would you like to find out? Willpower is strong with this one. ;-)


It's been raining here relentlessly too. :/ The cute hygienist does make the wicked crick in your neck slightly less painful, but you're just another mouth to her.

And Happy Snippet Anniversary! : )


And you also tend to care less when your jaw is pried open and sharp pokey things are stuck in your gums and teeth.


Even worse than my mom my mother-in-law is on facebook, luckily for the past 8 months or so she's had no internet.


I love Snippet Wednesday. Seriously. Although last week shouldn't have counted. You can't post one "Snippet" and have it count towards your total. The whole point of "Snippet Wednesday" is to have numerous things to blab about. If you only have one thing to write about it should equal a regular post, not a "Snippet". There should be rules Kevin, this is not Nam.


Why is it the hygienist always wants to discuss my love life while she has her fingers in my mouth????


Lucky you!


My blog, my rules. That is about the only rule I have. ;-)


That is totally hawt! ;-)


Happy one year to Snippets.

As for the rain, I fucking want it to go away so bad. We had 15 days in a row of rain. And today... yep, another day. Not only is this impacting the start of summer here, but it also impacts my scooter riding.


I think I'll have a reaction if I ever see my mom try to friend me (also b/c she's technically illiterate) but I'm more afraid of her reading my blog than my FB page.


And I'll be damned if I'm gonna let Mother Nature come between me and
my ScUtah Sundays!


My family already reads my blog. I think it's time to go underground.

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