Easy as 1-2-3...

Hey everyone. Hope you're having a very happy 7/8/9 Snippet Wednesday. Don't forget to make it an über-celebration by going hog wild for a whole second at 12:34:56 p.m., too!

I was driving behind a little PoS car this morning when I noticed an odd license plate. It said "TWI HARD." I wasn't quite sure how to take it until I read the license plate frame that declared "My heart belongs to Edward" and was accompanied with a litany of bumper stickers in the rear window including "I like my men cold, dead and sparkly" and "My other car is a shiny, silver Volvo" (Edward's car), among others. Yeah... obsessed much? I've got one thing to say to that and I'm going to let the Count from Sesame Street do it for me...


Also on the way to work, I was driving up a hill when I saw a can in the road up ahead of me rolling uphill. Yes, uphill. That had to be some strong wind. Not that Illinois is full of mighty hills by any stretch of the imagination. Heck, I live in an area where "mountainous" is used to describe any natural formation that is greater than 100 feet above sea level. Ah, scenic northeastern Illinois!

Did I mention that Tales From Redesignland has returned? Oh happy day!

A couple weeks back, my Pitchfork buddy Eric introduced me to a French alt/electronic band called Phoenix by way of the video for their song "1901." I was hooked. So I purchased the "1901" single... only to receive a copy of it free the next day as part of a Facebook indie rock sampler. Go fig, eh? There's something to be said for patience.

Tweetdeck supports multiple accounts simultaneously now??? Oh, this is dangerous. Seriously dangerous.

And in pure LeSombre tradition, I will save the final Snippet for myself in anticipation of the day when the apocalypse will be determined by a game of Rock-Scissors-Paper (and I hope the other guy picks "paper").


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Sybil Law

People who litter their cars with tons of bumper stickers confuse me. I guess, if it's a PoS, anyway, they might as well, but I really hope they weren't over 25 to have THOSE stickers on their car!
Twilight crap makes me insane. No interest here whatsoever.
Wish you'd gotten video of the can rolling uphill. That's funny. :)


Bumper stickers, ugh. When I was a kid, I loved them. Now I just think they're tacky. Funny sometimes, but tacky.


I've been seeing your TFRL love spread across the feed reader sharing lately.

As for cars with bumper stickers or odd vanity plates, I say "Pfffffpt" to them.


Rock Paper Scissors? You should always pick Spock.


She was clearly in her 40s. Scared me.


Mostly tacky.


TFRL so decidedly deserves the love. It's a brilliant strip.


Lizard can be handy sometimes, though.


Did I ever tell you about the 13 year old girl that I saw wearing a "Fangbanger" shirt? With her Mom? I mean holy crap, it's just a fricking fictional dude.

Angel was way sexier anyway.


That's wrong on so many levels. Oh and even though I never watched
Angel or Buffy, even I'd agree Boreanaz is better looking.

radioactive tori

I liked the twilight books and all but seriously? I do not get being so into it like that. I haven't seen the movie so maybe that would make a difference? I am rarely so into something that I would even think of putting a bumper sticker on it though so maybe I just don't understand.


The Edward obsession has gone too far. It actually really creeps me out.

P.S. 18 days til we meet!


Honestly, I do not see why so many people like Twilight. I haven't read the books or even seen the movie (sorry, I have better things to spend my money and time on, you know like even staring at the wall), but I can just tell they are nothing short of lame.

And this whole Edward crush? Good lord, they guy is fugly!

Am I too harsh?

SoMi's Nilsa

It's amazing the things you can learn about a person by looking at their car. The bumper stickers, remnants from accidents, what they leave in the back seat. So long as there isn't a live animal tied to the bumper or a live child left in the car, I usually don't care to read into people much. (ha!)


I'm with you on that one. And what's odd is that the movie divided fans pretty severely unlike so many book to movie translations in the past. Some loved it, some hated it. But to be that fanatic? Sick.


I'd like to know how he truly feels about it. I'm sure it's cool at first, but even he has to be creeped out by some of it.

18 days is TOO LONG!


Katie loves the books but was only so-so on the movie. At first, she didn't really like the casting of Robert Pattinson as Edward. She felt the same way you did. But he has grown on her a bit. Not obsession-level growth, but still.


It would be worse if that were reversed... "a live child tied to the bumper and a live animal left in the car" although the latter happens far too often for words.

hello haha narf

to me "TWI HARD" meant try hard, like they were all encouraging.
stupid, stupid fanatics.


What upsets me is that the license plate has now completely ruined Die Hard for me. ;-)


Do I get points for knowing that pic is from Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey? :) WHen I first read that license plate, I was thinking it was kind of a lisp-y version of "try hard."


And points for being the first to mention it.


I've read two of the books so far (fortunately they get more interesting after the first). I don't understand why everyone swoons for Edward. I personally find him obnoxious. Bella even more so. I can't get caught up in their love story either. It just makes me hope I never have daughters.


That's exactly how I feel. I still want to wear a Team Jacob shirt to the second movie to piss all the little girls off. I read about Bella and Jacob and it all feels more real. He makes Bella somewhat tolerable.


Hah! I stumbled upon this by Googling "volvo edward" after I was finished drooling over my Bugatti Veyron.

These "Twi-Hards" need to drive off a cliff together. I'm being forced by a family friend to see New Moon with her obnoxious 13 year old daughter.

Nothing is good about the series. Stephenie Meyer made an out of character Anne Rice novel. Whoopie! Ugh. Even the Twilight fanfiction is better than the original book! A moron for a main character, a sparkling vampire, and an American with a tan playing a Native American. Hmmm.... sounds interesting.


Heck, even I didn't know the guy playing Jacob wasn't Native American. Had me fooled.

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