Friends like these...

At Nilsa's

You see that picture? I was trying to come up with some cool name to describe us like the "Blogging Trio o' Terror" but there are five of us. "Sex Kittens"? Nah, not with me in it. 

So just call me Charlie and declare them my Angels. That works.

From left to right, we have Tori, Kim, Sizzle, and Nilsa, thus comprising a killah network of both incredible bloggers and fantastically cool women. And my personal value skyrocketed in their very presence yesterday at Nilsa's house in the way deep north end of Chicago. 

I'd really love to say more, but there are no words in a human vocabulary grand enough to describe them. Suffice it to say that if you ever have the opportunity, you should meet them. Do not pass go, do not colect $200, just GO.

Thank you all for agreeing to get together. And thank you, Nilsa and Sweets, for hosting us.

And I get to move two people over to my "Bloggers I've Met" (and want to meet again!) list.

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So you aren't going to post the one of us licking your head? ;-)

I don't really have words for the meet up either. Imagine that! Bloggers at a loss for words. Dogs and cats living together- mass hysteria!

I can say this though: You are my blogbro until the end of time. No way you can get rid of me.

Sybil Law

Kevin and the Hot Chicks is a good name!
Looks like fun. :)


Actually, I thought I had posted the licking one to Flickr, but I didn't and I didn't have the time when writing this up at the spur of the moment. My title for that one was going to be "lollipop." ;-)

And you will always be my blogsis. Even if you don't wanna be. ;-)


Not bad if I do say so myself.


@kapgar #marieisveryverystupendouslyjealousandwishesshecouldhavebeenthere

Ok I need to stop with the hash tagging. ;)

So glad you all could meet (finally, right?!) and had a great time!


It was definitely a "finally" situation. Sizzle and I have been reading each other four about four years and had never met. So it was both really cool and very surreal to actually see her in person. As for Nilsa and me, I think we've been reading each other for somewhere between a year and two (probably closer to two) and it was very cool to finally meet her and the "Sweets" as well. BTW, we were joking around about how jealous you were of us all meeting up without you. So, yes, you were on our minds. ;-)

SoMi's Nilsa

I'm going to take Sybil Law's suggestion and one-up it to this: Kevin and the Hot Licks (but then you'd have to post the lollipop picture, too ... I dare you!).

That was most definitely a short, but very fun afternoon. I say we need to do another one when Tori is up for it ... you know, pre- and post-surgery blogger meet-ups!


That was a fun get-together! What a blast to meet sizzle. She's so fun!

I second Nilsa. We have to get together soon. And I believe you did offer your place...? Hee hee hee.

I hope Katie is feeling better!


Geez, y'all act like you think I'm embarrassed to post the lick shot. Guess what? BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR! I shall do so on Snippet Wednesday. Muahahahahhahahahahahhahaha. ha.


We did offer, but timing might be tight since Katie is soon to start student teaching and will be working all Saturdays after that as a result. But we may have Sundays open if people are willing. She's still trying to figure out what her complete work schedule will be. Sunday's may be part of it, but we're not sure. Saturdays definitely are.


You guys are making me wish I lived there (MORE).

Can I get a web camera and video in to your party?


Totally! And feel free to move on out here. We have non profits here, too!

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