Here we go round, round, round...

Balance... coordination... a Jedi needs not such things.

A regular human being, on the other hand...

You pretty much know not to expect much out of the day when, immediately after getting out of bed, you catch yourself from falling flat on your ass not just once, but twice. And I hadn't even taken a step yet.

Imagine my terror at the realization that I had to shave this morning. Yes, I made it through without incident, but don't ask me how. I barely remember doing it.

Golf_ball In instances such as today, shouldn't mulligans be allowed? I know I don't play golf, but I understand the concept of a mulligan and I like it. It's a great idea that needs to be applied to life as a whole. And I'd love to take one today. My schedule of appointments at work is pretty light.

So to whom would I need to appeal to just declare today a bust and claim a mulligan?

And how many mulligans do you get in life? 1? 2? 3? Do we get one on life's "front nine" and another on the "back nine"? Oh how I pray today's would be from the front nine of my life. I'd hate to think I've transitioned to the back nine this early.

You know your blogging is bad when your wife looks at you, as mine did last night, and says, "you haven't even blogged since last Wednesday" and truly seems disappointed by this fact.

Yeah, that's bad.

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"Silent" Bob "Pappy"

I always go with the "it's improve your lie day" in addition to mulligans. And the rule on Mulligans is, if there isn't a line behind you, take as many as you want especially if you are by yourself.


Mulligans. I like it. And yes, sometimes we need mulligans in life.

Hopefully today will pass by quickly without any hitches.


When you're playing with friends you get as many mulligans as you need.

I hope you make it through the day without breaking anything.


Maybe I shouldn't have admitted to needing a mulligan so publicly. Hmmm...


Who do we talk to about making that happen?


Nothing broken yet... that I've been told about.


Personally, I think you get to call mulligans as long as you keep playing the game -- b/c slackers are really just the people watching on the sidelines.

Sybil Law

I'd like some mulligans, please. It sure as hell would make life easier some days.
And my brain turns to mush in the summer (and winter.. wait... and fall... and spring... okay, shit - my brain is mush) so don't feel bad about not posting as much!


I just recently learned about mulligans because I am planning to launch a new fundraising event (mini golf).


I will definitely keep playing. Just some aspects of this morning I could've done without... and this afternoon... and this evening...


Mush just about describes me year round, too. Let's be mushy together.


Mini golf fundraiser? How can that go wrong?

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