I want to ride it where I like...

Wilkommen aus Snippet Wednesday nummer googolplex! Yep, despite how the company spells it, the real way is "googol." Looks so funny, though, doesn't it?

The BMX photo shoot that I was supposed to do last Thursday had to be rescheduled due to weather and other mitigating circumstances. Blake and I moved it to yesterday, instead. And then I almost missed it not realizing that Naperville, IL, has two skate parks and I was sitting and waiting in the parking lot of the wrong one. Go fig. But I finally got there and snapped away to the tune of 147 photos worth. I trashed 31 off the bat because they were bad and wound up uploading 98 to Flickr. I'm hoping this embeddable Flickr slideshow works better than Pictobrowser isn't, but, if not, you can check them out in the Flickr album.

I've always harbored a love of boxing, a revelation that is likely to turn my mom's stomach. And I've always wanted to take up boxing personally. Not for the purpose of fighting, but for exercise. I'm not sure you can get much more "total body workout" than that. I haven't joined a boxing gym yet, but I was pricing one near where I worked only to find out last night that it has gone out of business. Back to the point, though. Imagine my surprise when, a day or so ago, Katie tells me that she would like to try boxing as well, for fitness and stress relief. Not that I'm into the overly ripped female physique, I'm not. But something about Katie boxing is just, well... hawt.

Does that make me weird?

Just a few more days! Just a few more days! Until what? Until I meet my long-lost blog sis, SIZZLE! Ohmigod, we've been talking about meeting each other in person for years. Yeah, blows my mind to think about how long we've known each other too. But, yeah, it's been years. And I also get to meet NILSA! After oh-so-many Chicago-area meetups that she has backed out of, she's trapped! She's hosting this little shindig at her place and CANNOT ESCAPE! And there is also a chance that CITIZEN NEIL will be in attendance. There is no guarantee at this point depending on his schedule, but it could happen! As Sizzle pointed out to me, this meet-up will most certainly be worthy of its own post. Damn right!

Apparently, the brother-in-law who regularly reads this blog has inquired as to why I have not written a post about his and his lady fair's new dog. They adopted recently and, by all accounts (Katie's included), he's one adorable little booger. The problem is that I'm the admin of this blog and I have not met him yet. So, Scott, when you want a post and pictures up about the li'l guy, you let me know when your schedule opens up and you're not busy littering the earth with little white pock-marked balls.

Ball... court... yours. ;-)

And in pure LeSombre tradition, I will save the last snippet for myself for when I must make the ultimate decision between the red wire and the blue one. Or is it green? Or yellow? Shit!


Thank you, kitteh.

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Capricorn Cringe

Wii boxing was enough of a workout for me.

PS I think it's the red wire. No, wait, blue! It's blue. Nooo! I was right the first time, it's red. It's gotta be the red wire. I'm almost positive it's red. You'll let me know, won't you?


Your opening gambit made me feel right at home. Spent the last two weeks being hostess and primary translator for a wonderful Bavarian couple. It sometimes gets crazy trying to remember which language you need to speak in to which person. Add dinner in a Mexican restaurant, and watch my head spin!

And I'm pretty sure it's the green wire.


I do love golf, you got me there, but don't blame me on this stuff. It takes two to tango......or something like that.

Oh, and did you hear that the high school behind my parents house now has a frolf course?? I know what Kevin wants to do now!!!


I saw your pictures on flickr and loved them! I wanted to ask you what setting you had them on and if you put the continuous option on while you were clicking away.

SO SUPER DUPER JEALOUS of you getting to meet Sizzle and Nilsa! I wish I was going to finally meet all three of you there. Ah well. Perhaps next year?



It's like we were separated at birth or something. Ha ha.

Sybil Law

Boxing is awesome and it's also something I want to do - badly. I've been saying it for years! Esp. kickboxing - oh yeah. :)
You're going to have a great weekend - I am jealous!
It's always the red wire, right?!


If I don't let you know, you'll know why. ;-)


Ha! Nice confusing evening indeed! But it sounds like fun.


I do know about the course and apparently your dad is keen on me coming up and playing it. Not sure if it's because he wants to play too or not. We'll have to see. "Two to tango"? Maybe... But I laid the blame first so HA! ;-)


I would love to meet up with you and Katie has always wanted to see Boston. Unless you have plans to come to Chicago? For the camera settings, I didn't play too much because the lighting was pretty dim. I tried to mess around a little but cannot remember exactly what I did. Should be in the EXIF file on each photo, though. I did set the continuous photo option, but didn't really use it too much. I may play with that more later at another shoot at the park. Blake invited me to come out anytime I want.

SoMi's Nilsa

So wait. When you don't give me a shout-out, you tell me you do. And now that you do give me a shout-out, mum is the word. Oh how you confuse me. And I'll just put it out there that I can always not show to my own shindig as SoMi is the real star anyway. =)


Totally! I feel like we should've been giving each other a whole brother-sister hellish lifestyle all these years.


I'll let you know what kitteh finds out about the red wire.


You're always the start to me! And I would never notify you when I give you a shout-out for real. I was playing with your head that day because you were talking about being weeks behind in your reader. I couldn't pass up the opportunity! ;-)


I anxiously await yours and everyone else's blog posts talking about the blogger meet up.

Which reminds me that I need to go get caught up on Nilsa's blog soon.


Head on over. A very worthwhile read.


I've considered boxing from time to time (most recently, during my walk at lunch, yesterday). Not because I want to get beat on, but, like you, for the exercise. I wasn't real sure where to start looking for a gym -- and then, two weeks or so ago, and during another stroll, a gal jogged past me wearing a shirt for a local boxing facility. (I think I drive by it on my way to work.)

Of course, I've yet to make a call or anything yet.


Yeah, that's the weird thing about boxing. Unless you live in the inner city, it seems like the gyms are either few and far between or they just don't stand out against the landscape like a big-box gym such as Lifetime Fitness does. So they're not easy to find.

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