Oh lolli, lolli, lolli...

Eventually, if my eyes ever peel themselves open (ha! not freakin' likely), it will truly be Snippet Wednesday. Yet I fear it's gonna be a drag-ass one at that.

First a Happy Birthday wish to my Dad who turns God-only-knows how old today. Actually, I might really know if I wasn't too tired to do the math in my head. But he might not want me posting the truth so perhaps this works out for the better. Happy birthday, Dad!

The picture of me with Tori, Kim, Sizzle, and Nilsa the other day? It was pointed out to me by a couple of them that coming up with a name might have been easier if I had posted an alternate photo. One of the others that was taken by Sweets who snapped quite a few with my camera while Steven was taking pictures with everyone else's camera. So, below, find the picture they suggested and you all get to choose which name is better... "Kevin and the Hot Licks" (Nilsa's suggestion) or "Lollipop" (my suggestion). If you pick the last one, I'll get to strut into work like Jerry O'Connell and Corey Feldman as they sang "Lollipop" along the railroad tracks in Stand By Me. Oh, who am I kidding? I'll do that anyway.


Mark_buehrle_autograph I swear I gotta stay away from big-deal sports events. Last night, while typing up my weird post, I received an e-mail alert from the Chicago Tribune that White Sox pitcher Mark Buehrle had another perfect game going into the fifth inning. If you recall, last week, he pitched what is only, by official definition, the 18th perfect game in baseball history. And now, on his first game back after that accomplishment, he had another one going. There have never been back-to-back perfect games ever. So I turned on the TV and saw him get two guys out in the sixth against the Twins, only to give up a walk, a couple hits, and a run immediately afterward, thus negating not just a follow-up perfect game, but any shot at even a no hitter. So to White Sox fans, I apologize. I'll stay away and never watch anything of this sort again. Promise. But to Buehrle, 45 consecutive retired batters? Nicely done. At least you're doing your part to make Chicago baseball exciting.

Yay! Both Burn Notice and Royal Pains have been picked up for additional seasons by USA. And I do believe Wil Wheaton Tweeted from ComicCon that The Big Bang Theory was renewed for two more seasons. Happy days!

Oh, dude, Nathan Fillion is on Twitter? Sweet!

And in pure LeSombre tradition, I will save the last snippet for myself for when someone truly pisses me off and I must go all Whitechapel on their ass.


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Big Bang Theory is my favoritest show.

SoMi's Nilsa

Kevin and the Licks. C'mon. It's like you're the lead singer of a kick-ass band. What guy wouldn't want that?!?


Royal Pains is currently one of my favorite shows!

I also posted the licking photo in my post today. See? We are related.


How about you call it Kevin and the Hot Licks but strut around to Lollipop?

Now why couldn't they renew Pushing Daisies and Eli Stone? Yes I am still bitter about that.

Sybil Law

Kevin and the Hot Licks - niiiice. :P
(Only your title made me think of "lolly lolly lolly get yer adverbs here" from those Saturday morning things...)
I love Burn Notice. I'll have to check out Royal Pains!

Gary LaPointe

Totally kept thinking about the "lolly lolly lolly get yer adverbs" as I was reading this today.

I've been meaning to watch Stand By Me again. (Since you reminded me I'm adding it to the queue!)

Looks like y'all had a fun night!


My dad won't watch OSU basketball if the score is close. He's pretty sure he'll jinx them.

Royal Pains, Burn Notice and Big Bang Theory... I love them all.


Love Big Bang Theory. Funny funny show with some of the best writing on TV.

And thank you for posting a bigger pic of the Chicago blogger gathering. Sounds like everyone had a great time.


It is way up there for us, too!


But if I have to tease my hair like Bret Michaels in Poison, that's where I draw the line. No AquaNet for me.


Again, like we need further proof. ;-)


Ah, we're all still bitter about those renewals. But they are ABC (asshats) and these shows are USA and CBS (much more loyal, overall).


Dang, you and Sybil talking about the lolly thing. I have to figure out what that is.


You and Gary talking about this Saturday morning thing. I have to look that up.


Okay, so I'm not the only one with an irrational fear of jinxing a team. Those are all great shows, aren't they?


It was fun. You should come out!


I've been following Nathan Fillion for a little while - he's pretty funny.

Kevin Spencer

Ha, I love that last Jack The Ripper picture. Wait, Nathan Fillion is on Twitter? Followed.

Gary LaPointe

Really? It's from the saturday Morning Scholastic Rock educational cartoons.

Presenting "Lolly Lolly Lolly get your adverbs here"


Why isn't Tori licking?!

I hope your dad had a fun birthday!


So it is definitely him? Cool.


Yeah, as soon as I saw his name, I clicked "Follow." I'm sick that way.


Oh. My. God.


I dunno. But I think she owes me a lick. Wait, that sounds bad, doesn't it?

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