Grab your mouse and stroke your keys...

(Sung to the tune of "Frere Jacques")

Where is Kapgar?
Where is Kapgar?

Here I am.
Here I am.
Where the hell you been?
Lazy S.O.B.

I took a week.
Just for me.

And it felt damn good. Okay, moving on.

Apparently, retail America would have you believe that we're closing in on the winter holiday season. This despite the fact that we have only just begun hurricane season and, hell, Chicago only recently started to actually have summer weather. Yeah, we're late bloomers around these parts.

But the idea of it being so close to holiday season had me thinking about gift giving. No, I'm not giving you anything. Well, not yet anyway. Maybe sometime down the line a bit. I was actually thinking about the process as a whole. Some people are easy to buy for, some people are a pain in the ass. Some gifts are fun to buy, some are not.

This is where you come in... I need the answers to two questions regarding gift giving.

First question... What would you consider the worst gift you had to buy for someone? I'm not talking about white elephant gifts or gag gifts. I mean what gift did you have to buy for someone that just made your skin crawl, activated your gag reflex, made the hairs on your neck stand on end? But you did it anyway because it was what this person wanted.

For me, it was the Bodyguard soundtrack CD that I bought for my brother one Christmas years ago. I know I don't always listen to the greatest music and that some might consider my tastes to be bad. But this? An album of nothing but Whitney Houston tripe? This was physically painful for me to have to purchase. Mainly because I could not fathom that living around me did not rub off on him more positively. The shame I felt.

Second question... what do you think others may have considered to be the worst gift you bought for them? This would be something that you bought that you just know this other person despised. It may have been purchased intentionally to drive them nuts or maybe they just didn't receive it the way you intended.

For Katie and me, it was a gift package of Chicago Bears bib, baby bowls, sippee cups, and plastic flatwear that we purchased as a baby shower gift for Katie's cousin and his wife. Why was it so horrible? Well, her cousin is a diehard Bears fan, so we're pretty sure he liked it. But he lives and works in Green Bay and is married to a woman who bleeds Packer green and gold. We knew this when we bought it. It was purchased wholly for him in his quest to keep his newborn daughter on the good side of fandom. And we're pretty sure it's either been disposed of by his wife or has at least been hidden far, far away.

I think I have discovered the definition of "geek porn." And it's a song.

The song is "(Do You Wanna Date My) Avatar" by The Guild featuring Felicia Day (she being the object of many a geek fantasy herself after her starring role in Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog).

It is a truly hilarious satire (at least I choose to look at it as satire) about people who take their online realities very seriously. Not to poke and prod them too much as they might rise up in revolt against me, but it is well done and funny. (For the record, there is a video embedded below that you may not be able to see if you're reading this from my Facebook wall. Wanna see it? Click through to this post on my blog.)

Also, this video is receiving huge traffic so you might want to click to start it and then pause it to wait for the entire video to preload before you play it straight through.

Check out the song on Amazon or on iTunes.

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People love the gifts I give them. Oh yes they do sir, yes they do.

However, people suck at giving me gifts. It's true.


I have it on good authority that I am the best gift buyer ever so I have to opt out of these questions.



I was in Costco this week and they had one row of Halloween stuff. The next row over was Christmas stuff. It was so wrong that I was considering secret Santa gifts that I could purchase so I wouldn't have to shop in late November/early December.
I bought J a sweater 3 years ago for Christmas that I was sure he'd like. But I think it might be too dressy. Whenever I suggest that he wear it, I get a blank, "oh. Okay." and then he doesn't put it on. It burns me to no end because it was expensive and it's gorgeous. At least he wears the rest of the outfit that I bought with it.
I have a friend who says that what men don't understand about the clothes that their partners buy them is that wearing said clothes will probably get them some. I should probably share that sentiment with J, but I'll wait until it's a little cooler. The sweater is wool, after all.


Ah, but that doesn't mean you haven't bought a gift someone wanted that you
hated to have to buy. Fess up! And tell me about the bad gifts you receive.


Something stinks right now. Smells like a load of crap! C'mon! We need truth
in advertising here!


This is why I trust Katie implicitly with picking out clothes for me. She
knows what looks good and what looks good *on me*. If I were left to my own
devices, the fashion police would put the smack down on me.

Sybil Law

Honestly, I hate buying anything for my MIL. I spend time and plenty of money on something for her, and she never, ever seems to appreciate it.
This year, I'm getting her something from WalMart. Fuck her.
That video was freaking hilarious!!! Still laughing about it. :)

Kevin Spencer

We were in Hallmark a couple of weeks ago and they had bloody Christmas decorations. At the beginning of August.


Let me know if you find anything good and motherly at Wally World this year.
May use it for my own mother. ;-)


I think owners of such stores should be taken outside and publicly flogged.


My sister is a huge Celine Dion fan... I bought her a CD. I also bought a whack of other punk CDs. The guys at the record store coudln't figure it out.

Worst gift I've given... god there have been so many.


A bunch of punk CDs with Celine in the middle of it? Yeah an odd mis
to say the least.

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