I know a bear that you all know...

And welcome back to my neglected stepchild of a blog. Just in time for Snippet Wednesday!

I love getting CDs from the library, as many of you already know. What I hate, though, is that it seems there are few to no libraries that believe in CLEANING their CDs. Of the tonnage of albums I've picked up in the last few days, both Morrissey's "Maladjusted" and Ray Lamontagne's "Gossip in the Grain" are scratched beyond listenability (is that a word?). To librarians everywhere, do not just check that discs are in the cases when they're returned; you also need to make sure they're in good condition. There's nothing more frustrating than waiting a while for a disc (be it CD or DVD) to become available only to have it rendered unusable. Not good.

I told you, Scott. Once I met your new dog, Scooter, I'd talk about him here. And he is an awesome dog. He's half Doberman and half Schnauzer, so he's a slightly larger-than-medium dog who thinks he's either a purse dog or a cat. This claim was evidence by his utter need to lie on people's laps or on the top edge of the couch. The latter proved somewhat disastrous as he fell between the back of the couch and the cushions and couldn't figure out how to get out. Here are some photos. If you can't view the gallery in Reader, click on through either here or to the Flickr album.

Now that you all have read my two guestposts from Monday and Tuesday and know the sort of thing I like to do while guestposting, I need your help. A week from this Saturday, I'm guesting over at Secondhand Tryptophan as part of Karl's Summer of Love. I want to know what you'd like to see me write about. Within reason, of course. I'm not going overboard as I'm neither unemployed nor self employed. I do have gainful employment that I'd like to retain and my employers are aware of my blog so don't expect anything too wild. But still have a little fun. Let me know.

I've been cleaning up my Twitter follower list a bit lately. Yeah, yeah, I know I was recently considering dumping it, but I didn't. Instead I took it private and have been trying to reduce my following/follower lists to just those I know or really give a damn about. But it is possible that I accidentally deleted one or two of you. So please, if you were removed from my Twitter list and feel it was an error, let me know. I have a ten-page application I can send you for reinstatement that needs to be filled out in triplicate. And I need a note from your third-grade teacher. Can't be too safe these days.

I know I railed against marathons some time ago, but I must apologize. Compared to this dude, not only are marathoners completely sane, but they're measurably pussified, too. Nothing personal, marathoners, but you got nothin' on this dude. How many times was he dropped on his head as a child?

And in pure LeSombre tradition, I will save the last snippet for the Park Ranger should Wil Wheaton's tweet come true... "I know I'm not first to think this, but just once, I would have liked Yogi to tell the ranger, 'I'm a fucking BEAR, man. Just walk away.'"

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A Shnauberman? A Dobauzer?

If you deleted me from your Twitter, I'm going to cry.


I'm pretty sure you're still on my Twitter account. At least I would hope with that name I'd recognize who you are. ;-)

SoMi's Nilsa

Did you know Ray Lamontagne is coming to Chicago on November 12? I just heard a thing on the radio last night ... one of the downtown theaters. Might be a fun show... I hear he's a great performer.


A Doberman/Schnauzer mix??? Who was the sick bastard that did that?


Go see Ray LaMontagne in concert if you can. AWESOME.

Remember I am a resource for music. Hit me up if there are things you want to check out. ;-0

You are a guest poster to the MAX.


I totally believe he'd be great. Might have to look into costs on that one. Hmmm...


That was exactly my thought when I first heard it, too.


I might have to look into the information that Nilsa posted. Could be fun to see him on Nov 12, cost dependent. And thanks about the guest posting.

hello haha narf

that is one hell of an adorable looking dog. love!


He's bearded. I want to rename him Blackbeard or something. Get him an eyepatch and do-rag for Halloween. I wonder if I can train him to *B-arrrrrrrrr-K*


I should clean up my twitter but then again maybe i should clean my closet first...


Priorities. Besides, Twitter is down now due to a DDoS. So closet it is!

Sheila (Charm School Reject)

My son likes to rent movies from the library and almost every time, they are scratched beyond watchability.

Kills him. And me because then I have to listen to him cry about it.

Sybil Law

You're not going to show us your A?! ;)
cute dog,
that marathoner dude is insane (when does he pee?! does he wear a diaper?),
and I totally agree about Yogi.


Tell your son I feel his pain.


If I did that, I'd have no readers at all. Scare you all away or blind you. ;-)

Kevin Spencer

Oh, and it's not just CDs. We picked up some DVDs from the library last week and they're barely playable.


I'm sure we have the same problem with DVDs, I just hardly get DVDs since we have our Netflix subscription. I'm thinking of using one of those disc cleaners on a library CD just to try it out. My parents got me one for Christmas and I haven't used it yet. Hmmm...


I saw the word "scooter" and thought you had gotten a motor scooter. But then, I watched the video and realized it was different and not motorized.

As for what you should blog about for the Summer of Love, it should be your most embarrassing moment, compared to anything Karl has done.


Anything I've done pales in comparison. It would bore people. ;-)


So a reply....
1. He's my dog too :)
2. He's a Doberman Pinscher (sp?)/Schnauzer(sp?)/something else
3. He is the cutiest dog ever!!!!


Yeah, I know he's yours too. But since it was a challenge from Scott, I only addressed him. Sorry. There's a third type of dog in him? Or is that the cat that he thinks he is?

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