Sometimes I was drifting on a coffee buzz...

Three weeks.

Three very long weeks.

Three excruciatingly painful, truly untasty weeks.

Mrlick That's how long it's been since I've had coffee.

I was never a huge coffee drinker. I only had coffee one, maybe two, times a week. But on that "one, maybe two, days," I would have about three cups. The first cup would never be enough to sate me.

However, over the course of the last few months, that "one, maybe two days" turned into five days a week. I was as bad as everyone in my office. I would sit there and wait for the coffeemaker to finish brewing a pot just to make sure I got some of it. I was becoming an addict. And it wasn't even particularly good coffee.

I decided it was time to kick the rapidly forming habit. Cold turkey. And I went to water. Straight water.

There are few things as boring to drink in life as water. God it's boring to drink repeatedly. I've even tried hot tea or those drink stir ins. It helps, but that can get a little pricey after a while. The big ol' Nalgene bottle I use requires two packets of stir-in mix.

I guess the one good thing about it all is that I'm sleeping much better at night. Truly.

But I miss my caffeine.

Speaking of coffee, have you seen Boy Obsolete's hand-drawn coffee cups? Total coolness.

I missed my blogiversary. Again. It was back on June 16. How could I miss such an important holiday???

Never again.

After seeing it over on Renagerie, I decided to add my own blogiversary counter. Thanks, Ren.

Now what app can I find to remind me to look at my counter?

Oh, and I gave myself a new banner in belated celebration.

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SoMi's Nilsa

There's nothing quite like celebrating - no matter how early or late. Happy blogoversary + 2 months. =)

I quit the Diet Coke a few months ago. Not only do I sleep well at night (note: I never had a problem in that department), but I'm feeling more awake during the day. Ironic, no?


I switched to caffeine free diet soda a few years ago and have been happy with the results. After the first year or so, I added some caffeine back in via diet soda when eating out, but it hasn't been enough to cause a problem. Caffeine never affected my sleep, but it did give me periodic headaches (though I didn't know that was the source for years).

Regarding the Blogoversary badge, you're welcome. I figure I will at least notice the number getting smaller and it will help me keep it in mind. But perhaps I should just add it to my birthday tracking app on my iPhone?

Kevin Spencer

I tried to stop drinking coffee. But then I realized I really like it. And as long as I'm not drinking 400 cups a day, the odd one or three wasn't hurting anyone.


I like the new header! Happy blogiversary!

I wonder if caffeine would help me, I don't really drink anything with it in it. The only time I get it is through chocolate!


You mean there is life without coffee? Nooooooo!!!

Sybil Law

Aww - Happy Blogiversary, anyway!!
I only like coffee if there's some liquor in it, and I learned the hard way to make sure that's decaf coffee, at that. Otherwise, i don't drink it at all.
However, I love Mt. Dew. It's my coffee, and I really probably should quit drinking it.
Maybe I will.


I never really thought it was much of a problem and I certainly didn't
attribute it to coffee simply because the coffee wasn't doing much to help
my awake status during the day. So my problem sleeping didn't seem to be
related. Until I stopped drinking coffee and that was the only change I made
and my sleep patterns changed dramatically. Apparently coffee has a very
delayed response in my system.


Diet soda used to give me headaches and breakouts of acne. Found out it was
the aspartame/Nutrasweet. Cut that out and all the problems were gone.


Oh I still like it and miss it terribly. But my sleep is more important.


Mmmm chocolate. Good source!


Believe it or not.


Doesn't sound like you're terribly committed to the cause. ;-)


Ok so if we ever do meet, you and I will have to go out for coffee and you must have a cup with me. Pahleaaase!


Oh don't worry, I will! I'm just trying to make myself not so dependent upon
it. Know what I mean?

hello haha narf

i gave up coffee by drinking virgin bloody marys with LOTS of extra frank's red hot and tabasco. seems the cayenne pepper kick starts my blood even better than coffee.

happy birthday to your blog!


How could that not wake a person up?


I wish i could do that, i try to cut out as much sugar as i can but i have to have sugar in my coffee. oh well.


But if you kill the coffee, the sugar is no longer a concern.

The Bombshell

I'm with you, except I recently kicked soda for water. It sure ain't easy.


I kicked soda as much as possible as well. Just very occasionally. But,
dang, water gets boring.

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