And I was worried for my hair...

I finally did it. I finally signed up. I bit the bullet, mustered up my courage, and just did it.

What now, you might ask.


I signed up to participate in a St. Baldrick's fundraising event

For those of you who haven't heard of it, St. Baldrick's is an organization that raises funds for childhood cancer research by hosting shave-a-thons. During these events, people can volunteer to help organize, be barbers, or, like me, volunteer to raise funds by having their heads shaved.

You wouldn't think that it would be that big a deal for someone like me who already has a really receded hairline to go ahead and do this. But it kinda is. It's like saying goodbye. My last vestige of head covering save for a hat. 

But it's a long time coming. Why even bother anymore? I may as well take it all off (hair, not clothing) and do it for a good cause.

And while most of these St. Baldrick's events typically take place around St. Patrick's Day, I decided to sign up for this one instead. Smaller scale, off time, and I'm hoping to be able to help as research to fight childhood cancer is a year-round deal, so why not try to raise funds year-round

So, on October 14, the day after our eighth anniversary, my head will be clearcut. And Katie will be there to take pictures or video or both of poor, pathetic me crying it all away.

I'm hoping some of you might be willing to help. I hate asking for money. I really do. But it's for a great cause to help fight a disease that has affected me in a personal way, having lost a friend to cancer. If you can't donate money, believe you me, I understand. These aren't easy times, economically speaking. However, you can also help by finding an event in your area and volunteering to help organize or maybe be a shaver/shavee on your own.  


For anyone who is visiting my site, I'm leaving this post pinned to the top of my homepage until after the event to make it easier to find. 

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You know what actually would be a neat twist to this is -- "donate so I *KEEP* my hair".

Ok, maybe not.

How about "donate so I can GET MY HAIR BACK"? You shave it, and you can't regrow it until you earn $X in contributions.


Here I thought you were suggesting a fundraiser for hair growth formula. ;-)

But I like your idea, too.


I read that first part wrong... I thought you said "bit the mullet"...I worry me!
That's a video I can't wait to see! ;)


You're the second person to mention a mullet in as many minutes (see
Facebook). Do you people think I'm a redneck?? ;-)


That's a great cause. What's hotter than a bald man? A bald man raising money for kids with cancer.


Well since you put it that way... ;-)


Please do cry. I want to see a video of that. ;)

I promise to donate, just not right this second as I need to wait for payday. How abouts you keep a button in your sidebar to remind us? (Or just remind me because I have an awesomely craptastic memory.)

Great cause by the way!


You shouldn't have a problem as this post will remain pinned at the top of
my blog as the primary post until the event happens. So just drop on by
anytime and check it out. Thanks! And I may throw some reminders in my posts
as well.


How cool that you are doing this! I wish I had money to donate. :(

Sybil Law

What a great thing, future chrome dome! :)


Like I said, no worries at all.


I will try to represent the Brotherhood of the Chrome Dome well.

Employee No. 3699

Good for you! And I agree with Stacey. Going to donate now...


Thanks! I really do appreciate it!


What a worthwhile thing to do. I commend you!


Thanks! I appreciate that.

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