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I have become "The Ambassador of Din Din." More specifically, Katie's din din. Oh, and "din din" would be "dinner," not "loud, raucous noise" although I'm sure I could be quite capable of the latter given a chance.

I'm not very self-assured when it comes to cooking. I try it, but I always fear it sucks. And it has a lot to do with the fact that I have very little ability to combine flavors. I know what smells good (although I cannot identify it for the life of me) but I'm not sure if this good smell works with that good smell. 

I guess you have to think of it in terms of clothing. I can buy an individual article of clothing that looks pretty good. I have relatively decent taste in that regard. But ask me to make an outfit out of that piece of clothing with everything else that a guy needs to wear to keep from being arrested for indecent exposure and, well, that's where I need help.

Apply this principle to cooking. I feel I'm okay at making individual dishes. I help Katie pretty well on a course-by-course basis at Thanksgiving. But I need to rely on her for the overall planning. What food goes well with what food, that sort of thing. If left to my own devices, I might have hot dogs with lime-and-cilantro orzo, tater tots, and a side of fruit cup. Ick, right? Individually, nothing really wrong with any of them. Together, they're a gastrointestinal disaster in the making.

Somehow, though, I pulled it together last night. Not sure how, but I made it work. Katie had one of her infamous long days of work and I took it upon myself to cook as I've done a lot lately (good practice). So, intertwined with doing laundry, ironing shirts, and watching Oliver Stone's Any Given Sunday, I threw together a meal of roasted pork tenderloin with an Italian glaze (thank you, Betty Crocker), green beans, and a long grain wild rice blend. Oh yeah, and throw some Vidal Blanc in the mix as well. It was really the rice I was worried about most, but Katie said it worked. She went back for seconds. That's good, right?


Did I mention that Katie made dessert? She poured a couple glasses of milk and grabbed a pair of Little Debbie football-shaped brownies. She actually hiked one to me like a professional center might. She bent over and pretended to give a snap count and, just as I was thinking there's no way she would actually do this, she fired it at me and nailed me in the thigh. So much for cat-like quarterback reflexes, eh? I was a lineman in high school. What do I care?

As I laughed at her "ball" hiking skills, she asked me, "you're blogging this, aren't you?"

Damn right.

If a reviewer were to compare a new show that you're looking forward to watching (in this case, NCIS: Los Angeles) to "little more than an updated version of 'The A-Team'," would you worry or take that as a compliment?

As a child of the 80s who loved The A-Team, I could see that as a good thing. But, then again, I've watched a few episodes of The A-Team in recent years and they don't really hold up so well anymore.

I'm torn.


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The meal planning thing can be a dilemma. I have certain things that I always make together (meatloaf and mashed potatoes) and other things that can be mixed and matched. I usually use my hubs as a guinea pig. I'll just say 'this is an experiment', and if it works, great let's add it to the options, and if it doesn't, we know not to try that again. Many times cookbooks or recipes will have suggested accompaniments.

As for your TUA, I too am looking forward to NCIS: LA. I usually don't pay much attention to what the critics say, but then again, I never did like to do what I was told! It's probably why I never know what the 'cool kids' are talking about.


"You're blogging this, right?" Words said by many a blogger family member or friend. :-)

I LOVE the recipes in Real Simple. They are (just as the name would imply) really simple AND talk about what to pair it with sometimes. I have a subscription to the magazine but you can also find them on line.


As for NCIS:LA--watch it at least once. Decide for yourself. I try to do that with all the new shows--and this year I've learned to watch them ALONE because Hubs doesn't like 98% of what I DO like and he pisses and moans about a show he doesn't like until it's just friggn' EASIER to delete it from the tivo list than listen to his WHIIIIIINING...
Sorry, what was the question?


That's not a half-bad idea. I need to start a list of "safe" combinations.


She used to dread when I'd say yes. Now she just kinda smiles. Unless it's
really bad. With those, I wouldn't even consider it anyway.


Oh we're definitely giving it a shot. We both like LL Cool J and Chris
O'Donnell so we wouldn't miss it. I just hope it's better than this guy
makes it sound.

Sybil Law

It's like this: Even if dinner isn't fantastic, I still deeply appreciate it when someone else takes over the chore.
Get a crockpot! Best thing for winter, and super easy.


Katie LOVES crockpot cooking. I really should learn a few recipes for it.


I absolutely hate meal planning. It's a pain in the rear and unfortunately for me I'm the only one who can cook in my relationship with Matt.

If you ever need any ideas, foodnetwork.com has been a close friend of mine for a while. Look up their 30 minute meal recipes.


I've gotten some recipes from them before. Quite handy. Thanks! And tell
Matt it's okay for guys to cook. ;-)

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