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We're kinda pissed at Best Buy right now.

Yesterday, after giving it a full night of charging, Katie's iPod crapped out. And I don't just mean battery death, the entire unit was showing no life at all. We were at the gym and she was trying to use it for working out and... nada.

Hate-geek-squad The reason we're pissed at Best Buy is that Katie had seen signs of the iPod going down the crapper and she described them to me. I took it into Best Buy's Geek Squad for warranty repair and they said they could not replicate any of the symptoms that I was having right there on the spot. I tried to explain that they were intermittent, they didn't happen all the time. They said sorry and that they could do nothing about it and refused to help me.

Now here we are, outside her warranty period and stuck with a dead iPod. Simply because Best Buy refuses, like always, to listen to their customers who know better about what is happening to their own electronic devices.

I know some people scam them and this is what they're trying to avoid. But when I am trying to explain a problem and then get that teenaged, pimply-faced, asshat Geek Squad fucknut looking at me like I don't know what I'm talking about (yeah, I'd LOVE to know what "extensive training" he went through that qualified him as an EXPERT on such matters) just pisses me off.

To anybody reading who may ever buy a gift for Katie or I down the line, please NO BEST BUY GIFT CARDS. We would much prefer a Visa or MasterCard gift card that gives us the option of choosing where to spend it. PLEASE!

If I can help it, I'm done with that place. Ever since the "Geek Squad" started, the holier-than-thou mentality in that retail hellhole skyrocketed through the roof. And it's only gotten worse since Circuit City stores closed down giving U.S. customers pretty much a single dedicated source for electronics purchases.

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Okay, not totally unrelated, but still...

After the death of the iPod at the gym, Katie and I made the painful decision to listen to the radio station that was playing over the PA. It's some crappy suburban Chicago top 40 station that I just cannot stand.

And how'd they annoy us this fine day? They played that God-awful "Summer Nights" or whatever it's called by John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John from the Grease soundtrack.

Simultaneously, Katie and I groaned and looked at each other and said "oh Christ, no."

If anything good came of it, it's the reminder that my wife has never seen nor ever wants to see Grease and anything related to that movie makes her ill.

I love my wife.


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I've not been fond of 'the minions from hell' for a long time. Too pushy for me. I hate that they descend on you the second you walk in, and try to sell you things you don't want, but can't answer intelligent questions about their products.


I had Miss Laptop in there last week. I heard those EXACT words!!! "We could not replicate the problem"!! Now I am sweating profusely and I hope that I don't have the same thing happen to me!!!

Bob "Pappy" Richardson

Unfortunately, I will go to the store that shall not be named due to pricing. I am sure I can find a better price somewhere, but the laziness factor kicks in. I do however refuse to buy their "extended warranties" for the reason that I can fix most things faster and quicker than they can on most electronics. I just read an article the other day, and I wish I could find it, that talked about this very issue about customer service and how you know who as well as the Apple Store's were going down the same path. Apparently the service at Apple Store is becoming like dealing with the geek squad.

SoMi's Nilsa

There is a simple solution to this. Kind of like car problems that only happen when starting the car cold. The Geek Squad should offer to hold onto the iPod overnight to try to replicate the problem. That way, if they can't replicate it, so be it, there is nothing they can do. But, if they actually put an ounce of effort into it and could replicate it later on, then you'd be a happy customer.

Sybil Law

I love your wife, too - simply because of her loathing for Grease and it's horrible songs!!
Sucks about Best Buy. Really sucks. I am banning them! Assholes.


I try my best not to buy things from best buy unless I REALLY have to. Gawd they can be awful!

I did buy my iPod, iPhone and iMac (um, do we see a pattern here?) from the Apple store and I have to say, their customer service and support staff are a lot better.


Urgh that blows! I thought there were only teenaged, pimply-faced, asshat Geek Squad fucknuts working at those kinda stores in Dutchyland...


Yeah, they can't answer much, can they?


That must be their "extensive training," how to say that line with a
straight face.


Sears and Target seem to have pretty good prices.


That's all I wanted was for them to give it a chance. But they gave it
back to me unceremoniously.


You two would get along so well.


I've never had a problem with Apple help but I've never tried it in-store.


Clearly not unique to you.

Iron Fist

As a former teenaged, pimply-faced, asshat fucknut, I resent your allegations.

(To be fair it is probably more accurate to say I was a "fat ass", not a "fucknut".)


Were you Geek Squad or just Best Buy customer service?

Iron Fist

Oh man, neither. I just didn't have any friends in the 8th grade.


Who among us really did? ;-)

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