It was a beautiful day...

And your chicks for free...

It all started with Dire Straits' "Money for Nothing."

I was at the butcher shop in my local Dominick's grocery store singing along under my breath when I noticed that the butcher, who was weighing out some raw shrimp for my Sunday gumbo, was also singing it.

We started talking about the greatness that is Dire Straits and how one of my media classes in grad school studied it because of the to-do that was made about the unedited version of the song that uses the word "faggot" as well as some other potentially disparaging comments.

Our quick little discussion about Dire Straits turned into a much larger discussion about sensitivity and tolerance as well as the ignorance of hate groups.

Noh8 Granted we both saw eye to eye on the subject (firmly anti-hatred), I gotta admit I was feeling a little weird as he discussed his run-in with a Neo-Nazi skinhead at a white supremacy rally in Chicago some years back. Sure, he had a civil discussion with the skinhead, but something about discussing it with me very openly and at a slightly higher-than-average volume made me worry about how other customers would perceive this as they walked by. I guess the fear of a negative perception kinda comes with the territory when you're white, male, and bald shaven.

No, I do not agree with the viewpoints of Neo-Nazi skinheads in any way, shape, or form. In fact, I firmly believe that stupidity and ignorance do not discriminate based on color, shape, size, gender, race, religion, or sexual leaning. But, we are sadly a society of first impressions and the impression made by one white male talking to another white male with a shaved head during which terms like "Neo-Nazi," "skinhead," and "hate" are mentioned, regardless of the context of their use, could prove disastrous.

Isn't it sad that we have to worry about shit like that?

Seriously, my head is clean shaven due to genetics and convenience. Oh, and a fundraiser.


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You need a tattoo on your head that says "naturally bald and sexah!" Am I right or am I right??


Hey, when you're right, you're right. And you're right. Woot!

Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks

Finally, a blog post where I get the title that refers to music! ha.

Bald and proud, just like my tires, nothing wrong with that.

And to be honest, I've met a lot of bald guys in my life (and only a few skinheads). There's MUCH more to a skinhead than his shiny dome. It's kind of ignorant to think otherwise.


I don't see a guy with a shaved head and instantly think Skinhead. Those guys have a certain air about them, usually a certain wardrobe and tattoos depicting their warped mindset. I think you're safe. People look at you and probably think, "awww I want to hug him." ;-)

Sybil Law

What Sizzle said - skinheads look and act like fucking douches, and you certainly don't give off that impression!
I'm a little tired of people getting their fricking feelings hurt over everything and making a huge issue of it. I am definitely not a person into bashing anyone for any reason - unless they're stupid and have done something to me, personally. But it seems like things are so politically correct anymore that we constantly have to correct ourselves, or clarify.
Oh forget everything I just said - thinking isn't my strong point today!!


Oh I know there's more to him. Sadly, not everyone realizes that. I have gotten some weird looks since shaving my head. And then I've gotten some ogling. That's always fun. ;-)


I hope I'm safe, but I still worry. Probably because I'm still so new to the whole thing.


Hey, I get what you're saying. It made sense to me. PC sucks.

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