Know what you doing doing to me...
It was a beautiful day...

Because I wanna...

All the below Snippets happened within 20 minutes of each other. A nice, compact Snippet Wednesday if I do say so myself.

I remember sometime within the last couple of years, there were reports that Radio Shack was going to rebrand itself as, simply, The Shack. Well, I haven't seen this happen at any of the retail stores around here. Maybe they forgot about it. But apparently Radio Shack, The Shack, Hole, whatever it's called has also forgotten about electronics parts. At one point, they were my go-to store for the little pieces and parts I needed to fix electronic gadgets. I went in there looking for a tiny spring I needed for a camera. The clerk's response? "We don't carry parts anymore." My reaction? "You're Radio Shack! You don't have parts?" "Nope." I'm at a loss.

I hate getting carwashes in the winter. It always seems so pointless because there's so much crap dropping out of the sky and on the roads being kicked up at you by other cars that it never lasts much farther than the parking lot of the carwash itself. But I got one today for my truck anyway. I think there are parts on the outside of my truck that have been frozen in place for the last two months that finally moved again today. Kinda freaky.

As I was pulling out of the gas station/carwash, I saw a Pepsi delivery truck trying to negotiate the tight corner pulling into the station. I stopped way short of the intersection to let him make his very wide turn into the lot. All of a sudden, some wench in her SUV whips around me and cuts through the very narrow corridor between the turning truck and the curb. I was in shock at her stupidity (and yes, I saw her in my rearview before this happened and can confirm that this moron was, indeed, a "she" so don't go claiming I'm being sexist, okay?). When she got by, the truck continued and I shrugged my shoulders and mouthed "I tried" to the drivers, they laughed and shrugged their shoulders back at me. The idiots in this world astound me sometimes.

Driving around, I passed an Elderberry Court. I'll give you three guesses and the first two don't count as to what I was thinking when I saw this. Whoops. Too late.

"Your mother was a hamster, and your father smelt of elderberry!"

I love Monty Python.

But I don't love Creed and I heard a song from them on the radio this morning that I'd never heard before. I remember rumblings that they might be making a comeback, is it actually happening? Oh Christ, no.


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SoMi's Nilsa

Sometimes, those shared moments with strangers are really wonderful ... even if under odd circumstances.


Oh yes. Creed is totally BACK! Ar! Ar! Ar!


Radio Shack doesn't have jack for parts anymore. Kinda sad. I need a couple of .1uf capacitors and don't really want to place a Mouser order for 12 cents worth of parts.

Sybil Law

If that's true about Radio Shack, my husband is going to have a conniption. How the hell can they get rid of parts?!!!
I wanted to jump out of my car this morning and punch idiot drivers, so I hear ya. What's worse is my drive is only 2 minutes each way.
Creed. Oh God, no.

Gary LaPointe

That's what I thought: They were going to rebrand everything with the store as "The Shack". I just said that to some friends the other day and they didn't think that was the case. Thanks for making me feel that I didn't imagine that....

I see that they are using it in advertising and signs and stuff, but I haven't seen any indication that the "Radio" is going away. My local ads have had "The Shack" on them very large but I thought it was a bigger transition planned.

Kevin Spencer

Yes sir. Creed reunited last year. Never really liked them to be honest though.


First they did away with Free Battery of the Month Club and now parts... what's the world coming to. (They may have done away with the free battery 20 years ago. I'm sort of weak when it comes to keeping track of time.)

"Elderberry" made me think of Elton John. In my defence, he's a Brit.


Car washes in the winter time do seem pointless, but at least for almost 24 hours, you can have a somewhat clean car. I go to a place where it's the get out of your car and use the water sprayer. I can wash the whole car for under $3.

As for Creed, yes, they are making a come back. I think they've done some sort of tour already.

Whenever I hear a story about Creed now, I think of this story -


Yes, they are.




That's exactly it. I need a 50 cent spring.


I hope for his sake that it's just my store.


I haven't looked into the ads but nothing in the store reflected a shift.


I liked them for about five minutes.


Elderberry and Elton John? You must explain.


I think of freaky hypocritical religioso who screwed over his wife.


The B side of "Crocodile Rock" was "Elderberry Wine." (If memory serves.)


When you wrote Shack I was actually thinking Shaq. Took a second there before I made sense of everything.

Also, I love Monthy Python!


Ahhhh... that makes sense!


That "q" makes all the difference in the world. ;-)


Car washes are pretty pointless for me all year round. It's the living on a gravel road that does it for me. One night in the not-so-distant past, I washed my car, then went to a restaurant for supper with friends. On my way home, I couldn't figure out why I had a rather noticeable shimmy in my front end (no jokes about that!). Turns out all the mud inside my wheels had settled while I ate, and unbalanced the tires. The lesson here is, if you never wash the car, you never have that problem!


Okay, so never wash your car! You heard it here, kids.


I wish someone would take my car to the car wash. I just can't seem to do it. I think I tell myself that since it rains here so much, why bother. But really I am just lazy about it.


Creed is making new music? Who buys that stuff?


I'd take it but that's a helluva day trip.


The only thing I can say for sure is "not I."

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