That's what you're hungry for...
Because I wanna...

Know what you doing doing to me...

During my commute home last night, I heard the song "Ruby" ( player will pop open, I hope) come on the radio. I was immediately singing along as I know it pretty well. And I own the album. But, for whatever reason, I was completely blanking on the artist.

Below is the mental process I went through to come by the name of the band...

Ruby, ruby, ruby...

Indian... [I have no idea why that word popped in my mind]






I shit you not.

I have no one to blame but goddamn Christopher Columbus and his inability to correctly use a freakin' astrolabe for why my mnemonic hooks are politically incorrect!!


Last night was one of Katie's long nights of work, so, after returning home from the gym, I decided to have dinner ready for her. A couple nights ago, we'd discussed having fettuccine alfredo, so I set about making it.

I was going to make it the right way, but Katie reminded me that we had picked up one of the frozen meal bags from Trader Joe's so I grabbed that to make it.

Inside the bag was one of the weirdest looking things I've ever seen in a TJ's meal. The pasta was flash frozen in what the instructions called "pods," which, to me, looked like they had been shaped in a muffin tin. The alfredo was frozen in what I can only describe as "chips" that seemed shaved off a larger piece.

I snapped a shot of the pods and chips (foreground) with Norman next to it to allow for some context...

Photo365 Day 26

Stranger still were the instructions that said to either microwave without adding any water or cook in a stovetop skillet with just a dash of water. I realize this is otherwise precooked, but to be told to do anything with pasta other than boil it is just weird to me.

Do not get me wrong, it was a good meal, like just about anything from TJ's. Especially after I added some grilled chicken and fresh steamed broccoli. But the initial state just caught me way off guard.


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I miss Trader Joes! :(

Bob "Pappy" Richardson

Just want to say I am loving Norman.


No water added? That just seems like...MAGIC. :-)


That is some scary pasta dude.


Love that place passionately.


Thanks! I love how his face looks stunned even though it's just the standard Stormtrooper expression.


Black magic, perhaps. What food doesn't need water that isn't astronaut ice cream???


It was a bit alarming initially. But it tasted good when done.


Ruby Murry is rhyming slang for curry - if that makes the indian connection beter


It does help justify the political incorrectness.


The pasta does look weird. Good thing it didn't taste weird.

Sybil Law

You ate that?!
No - I kid. Looks okay to me!
I do the same weird things with songs all the time! Glad to know I'm not the only nut! :P


A *very* good thing, indeed.


But are you a politically incorrect nut?


Ruby is a good song. I like it.

And there is the stormtropper.


It's a pretty good album overall. Have you heard the whole thing?


I don't think I have. I now my daughter may have that whole album. I will have to borrow it and play the entire thing to see how the other non-Ruby songs sound.


Let me know what you think.

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