Baby won't you drive my car...
Under pressure...

You are my lover, my life...

On this day, an undisclosed number of years ago, the Good Lord (or whatever you choose to call Him/Her) had the good sense to grace the world with Katie.

While I wouldn't know her until 21 years later, she did finally come into my life at a time when I wasn't sure anyone would ever become a part of it.

But she did.

And I love her for it.

Happy birthday, Katie.

I love you with all my heart and always will.

Snow kiss 2

That's snow, by the way.


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Thx for clearing up the "snow"!! I knew Katie must be awesome if we share a b-day!! Y'all have fun today!! Happy Birthday Katie!!


I've gotten the snow question before, so better safe than sorry, right? Happy birthday to you too! Katie's birthday, your birthday, Fat Tuesday/Mardi Gras... how can this day be any better short of a PowerBall win??


Awwww, how sweet. Happy Birthday to Katie!!!


Happy birthday Katie!

(Please think of us poor people who wished Katie a happy birthday once your Powerball numbers hit. Thanks. :)


Happy birthday Katie!


Cute!!! Happy Birthday Katie!!

Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks

You guys are so cute. Clearly, you're supposed to be together! Can't wait to one day meet this special lady in your life!


Even if she takes your chocolate pudding?!? That's true love.


Dude! You gave the love of your life USED SNOW for her birthday? I'm surprised she didn't set you on fire while you were sleeping. :P




Thanks, Avitable!


And we just got PowerBall in Illinois recently! Woot!




I think she's afraid to meet most bloggers for fear that I've built her up too much on my blog and they'd only be disappointed upon meeting her. ;-)


I would certainly share my chocolate pudding with her. ;-)


Well at least it wasn't yellow!

Sybil Law

I'm glad you clarified that that was snow.
Happy Birthday, Katie!


I like how you point out it is snow.


Happy Birthday to the lovely lady who makes my blogbro so happy!


No no no no no... that's not what I said. SHARING is nice. SHARING implies that you offered some of your chocolate pudding to her. I'm saying she TAKES it. You sit down to a nice tub of Snack-Pak chocolate pudding and, just before you can get your spoon into it... she TAKES it. She TAKES ALL YOUR PUDDING, MAN!!

Admit it. You would totally love her less if she did that. You would be ENTITLED to love her less if she did that! Heck, multiple offenses would be grounds for divorce!*

It just goes to show... there's a fine line between love and chocolate pudding...

* Or at least a good slap across the face.


Yeah, didn't need you making any smart-ass comments. ;-)


With the crew that reads my blog, better safe than sorry. And she certainly does make me happy!


I may have to read them again, but I think outright pudding theft was covered in our vows. I'll get back to you on that one.


I really need to read earlier. I missed all the potential good snow comments. Not that I would EVER make a snide comment. Anyway, Happy Birthday Katie! Kev, we need to get together one of these days and go out. Let our wives talk amongst themselves and let them know they are not the only ones that can put up with men like us.


You? Snide? The hell you say!

I'm totally down with getting together. Been too long, brother.


Happy Birthday, Katie. That's a lot of cocaine in that photo.


Jealous of our hefty stash, are you?

Employee No. 3699

Happy Birthday to your sweet Katie. Great picture of the two of you!


Thanks! Sadly that photo is a few years old. But I still love it.


Happy Birthday, Katie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sorry, btw, I am late to the party.... :s


Happy Birthday to Katie. Great photo of you two together.


Better late than never, right?


Thanks on both counts.


Snow? For a moment I thought being near her brought out the animal in you to such an extent that it caused you to foam at the mouth.

Or ...

Snow? Are you sure you aren't rabidly in love?

(I think I like the first one better.)

Happy Birthday to Katie!


Rabidly in love is an alternative I can handle. But that kind of relative innocence is not what I was expecting from some people on here. ;-)

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