And I pwedict a bwoody Eastuh...

I know it's a day early, but I wanted to make sure I got these good wishes out to all of you when you might actually see them.

So, have a great Dead Bunny Day!

Happy Easter

Seriously, though, have a great holiday (if you celebrate) and, if you're traveling anywhere, do so safely, okay?

Funny thing... seems that everybody I know thinks that, at this moment, I'm in line at one of any number of local Apple Stores (we have five in the Chicago area that I know of) waiting to get my grubby hands an iPad.

Okay, yeah, I'm an Apple Whore (tm), but when did I become an early adopting Apple Whore (tm)? I got my first iPod more than three years after they first came out. I still don't have an iPhone (but everyone around me seems to). No Apple TV. I must be missing something.

I do think the iPad is one of the coolest things around and I do want one. Just not yet. Maybe a couple more generations in unless I win a lottery sometime soon.

So, um, no review of the iPad from me anytime soon. Sorry if that disappoints you.

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Sybil Law

Apple Whore (tm)!

I am totally not an Apple Whore (tm). I'm just your run -of -the -mill -whore.

Happy Easter!!


LOVE the video! I know of at least 3 iPads that are going to probably show up at work on Monday since we are an Apple shop and there are about 20 iPhones in the office.

Anyhoo, Happy Easter Kev and Katie!


You should be an Apple Whore (tm). It's fun and it will expand upon your repertoire.


Happy Easter to you two as well!


Happy Easter to you and Katie. Want an iPad, but will be waiting for 2.0. This year is all about a MacBook and the new 4th gen iPhone.


Do you watch Modern Family? The latest episode was so funny about the iPad.


Any word on a date for a 4th gen iPhone?


Love the show and, yeah, that was a great episode!

Marty Mankins

Happy Bunny Day to you. Hope it was good.

As I posted on twitter, I bought an iPad on Saturday. Review in a forthcoming blog post (which will be pretty closely followed by a Snowy Sunday episode staring Cooper and Clay).


Cool. Looking forward to what you have to say. I still think the iPad is way cool and would like one eventually. And Happy Easter to you and your family as well.

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