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I wasn't sure I was going to be able to get it done, but I finally got the shots necessary to fulfill my own Kapgar Photo Scavenger Hunt weekly challenge. I'm sorry it was so tough. I've got next week's lyrics chosen and I'm hopeful they're not as hard. I fear I may have scared away some potential participation.

Well, here are mine. Nothing special. Just straight up photography...

"Look at the faces, listen to the bells, it's hard to believe we need a place called hell."
-INXS, "Devil Inside," Kick

KPSH - May 2010 - Devil Inside
The Millennium Carillon in Naperville, Illinois. I feel it fits for a few reasons: the most obvious is, of course, the reference to bells. But anyone who knows the history of this tower knows that many taxpayers in Naperville despise it because they are responsible for its upkeep. Hence, the devil reference as well. Plus there's the idea of hell's bells, etc.

"Time is never time at all, you can never ever leave."
-Smashing Pumpkins, "Tonight Tonight," Melon Collie and the Infinite Sadness

KPSH - May 2010 - Tonight, Tonight
I think both parts of that quote are represented by the fact this young man was taken far too soon (only 20 years old) and he can never, ever leave this resting place.

"I'll never be your beast of burden, so let's go home and draw the curtains."
-The Rolling Stones, "Beast of Burden," Some Girls

KPSH - May 2010 - Beast of Burden
Mostly the idea of this pickup truck being used as a pack mule/beast of burden for this scrap metal collector.

I survived week one! Yay!

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I'm lost

and afraid.

I fear that investigating what this is all about will exceed the effort requires just to leave this comment.

Kevin spencer

I love it! Nice job. The first one of the bell tower was such a good choice. Mate, this was fun. Can't wait for week two!


Oh c'mon! You know you wanna! All the cool kids are!


My toughest decision on that one was picking which of the three
belltower pics I took to use for it. I'm still not sure I chose the
best one. Oy!


Yeesh...I can't compete with any of you guys!


This is not a competition. Just a fun event to take part in. If anything, look at how some of the other people interpreted the lyrics for their pictures to get ideas on fun new ways to interpret things yourself. Tug, Nat, and Kevin Spencer always blow my mind with their pictures.


I like the tower... it may be the "devil inside" but it's a cool shot.


Thanks! I like how it turned out too. But I think I need to be careful. I'm noticing myself taking a lot of angle shots. Don't want to go overboard.


I know what you mean, you find one shot that works, and you keep doing it over and over again. I'm all about shadows this month.


Phew! So we all work in phases? That's reassuring. ;-)

Sybil Law

I only got one of the shots I wanted to get (my second one was a cemetery, like you)! Can/ Should I still post it? It's not very good, but I *did* do it!!
My week was super, duper stressful, and really - like, CRAZY shiite going on here, so that's why I couldn't finish mine!


Great shots! Yep, we all go through the phase thing - I find myself saying "no, not angled AGAIN" while shooting a LOT. ;-)

Looking forward to this next week!


Absolutely still post it. Even if you have to do it late. I'm not going to punish you... hard.


So am I. I actually have ideas in my head already for what I want to take. That's a first.


This week? I have zero ideas. LOL I'll get there.


I don't doubt you will.

Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks

Love your photos! My week was far too busy to lift my camera. Family had to ask me to take photos ... that's how slack I was. Hoping to jump onboard this week ... or next. =)


Besides this one being very hard, and racking my brain all week, come Friday, I got crazy and totally spaced this week. :(

Gonna try and do better next though!!


I've had those weeks, too. Bad thing to let happen when you're trying to do a Photo365 challenge. Yikes!


No worries. Let me know what you get!

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