I'm going hunting, I am the hunter...

Here it is, folks. The official announcement of the Kapgar Photo Scavenger Hunt (May 2010 edition)!

  It's pretty simple:

  1. Huntlogo-may10Each Sunday throughout the month of May 2010, I will post a lyric from three songs on this blog. And you, as a participant, must interpret the lyric as you see fit and take a picture you feel represents your interpretation.
  2. When you have taken a photo, you should post it to your own blog or image hosting account.
  3. Please place a link to your post in the comments of that week's contest announcement. That way, we have a single place where everyone can go look for all the entries.
  4. Please also link to this main contest post in your own entry post.
    The link is "http://bit.ly/kapgarpix". Please note the new URL... http://bit.ly/kapgarhunt.
  5. You have until the next three lyrics are announced at 12:01 a.m. on each Sunday to take and post your responses.

As you all know, "interpret" is a very subjective term and that is done intentionally. I'm not going to be judging the entries or your interpretation of the lyrics. It is solely up to you to come up with what you feel to be an appropriate interpretation and take a similarly appropriate photo. You can focus on the whole lyric or just a specific part of it. But, it might not hurt to explain how your photo works with the lyric.

I basically want to give you the chance to use your imagination and come up with a creative way to look at the song lyrics I provide. So be creative. Have fun.

By the way, if you're taking part in this challenge and have a Flickr account, share your pics in the Flickr Pool.

Here are the links to each week's lyrical challenges. Check back each Sunday for a new link as this post will remain pinned at the top of my blog throughout May.

Sorry, no Week 5 since there will only be two days left. Gotta get your fill during the full weeks of the month.

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oooooh what an interesting spin on how to come up with the themes for the photos.

I'm thinking... I'm thinking...


It's so me to use music lyrics, isn't it?

Kevin Spencer

Ha ha, awesome idea for the scavenger hunt.


That link gives me a 404 error...is it just me?


Leave it to me, right? ;-)


They both seem to be working for me. Which one was dying for you?



I just tried it again, got the error again. Is this the post you want referenced? I get to it ok if I do the full url.


Yeah, I finally figured out what you were talking about. Stupid bit.ly screwed it up and won't let me amend it. Just use the full link for now... http://www.kapgar.com/my_weblog/2010/05/im-going-hunting-i-am-the-hunter.html


Here, I just created a new bit.ly address to make life easier... http://bit.ly/kapgarhunt


YAY, that one works! Thankssomuch.


No worries. Thanks for letting me know about it.


OK, now flickr is giving me this: One (or more) of the URLs you tried to post has previously been used by spammers on Flickr (see the highlighted fields below). You must remove them before those descriptions can be saved.

With the new URL. I'll use the full for now. ;-)



Devil Inside.


Flickr has been giving me a hard time about URLs. So I say for Flickr
postings, just post it and add it to the group. Put the lyric in the
caption, but no links. Save links for blog postings.


Any chance I can convince you to link this one in the Tonight, Tonight post so it's in the right place? Sadly, Typepad won't let me just reassign it. Bummer.


You'd think I'm new at this whole internet thing. sheesh Tug. ;-)


noob. ;-)


heh. pretty much


Here's mine for the week- Taken around the house.



Nice pics. See my comment on your post. ;-)

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