Baby, we were born to run...

Yesterday, Katie and I were part of the 2010 Chicago Marathon! Yep, we dressed in our workout best, headed into the city, and raced around from point to point along the 26.2 mile course laid out throughout the city.

Of course, we did this to cheer for our friends and take a bunch of pictures and, later, go out together for dinner. Run it? Are you nuts? We left that to Eric, Michelle, and Kim. We're not masochists.

We started the day by racing to the 13-mile marker around 200 S. Wacker in hopes of seeing all the people we were hoping to cheer for. We did manage to find Eric just as he was passing, but could not find Kim or Michelle.

Then we headed to just south of the corner of Jackson and Halsted near the 17-mile mark. There we found Eric again, but Katie also saw the infamous Kimbot! She was just passing us as Katie yelled "Kim!" and Kim turned and moaned "Apgars!" then came over and practically collapsed in our arms for a giant, sweaty hug during which she said "it's so horrible out here." We tried to stifle a little giggle as it really wasn't the time despite the humorous way in which she declared it. Then someone took our picture together and she was off.

[photo courtesy of Kim; not that I asked, but I think she's okay with it]

Still didn't find Michelle, though. Where was she hiding?

MarathonOur final stop was on the bridge before the final turn right under the 300m To Go sign. There we saw Eric and Kim as well as a coworker of mine and her boyfriend.

And, yet, still no Michelle.

I think she was avoiding us. *sniffle*

If anything, I'd say my one complaint was the lack of a well-planned out way to get from the bridge to the finish line area. Everything was blocked off and guarded. To traverse the 300m from where we stood to the finish line would've been nearly a mile of walking.

We said fuhgeddaboudit and headed to the River North area and dined at a place called Dos Diablos. Quite tasty Mexican food, if we do say so ourselves.

But we did have a lot of fun at the Marathon and watching everyone run was quite inspiring. People of all ages and sizes were racing. Enough of a variety that I'm convinced I could actually run it with the proper training. Doesn't mean I will, just that I believe I could. I do think Katie is interested in training if not for a full marathon, then definitely for a half.

Sometimes, I think the best part of the race is reading all the stories that surface after the fact. Like the barefoot runner or marathon cheaters or the blindfolded runner or bib swappers. The fun truly never ends.

Maybe I'll become a race-day journalist! That can be my contribution.

Well, maybe not. Enjoy the photos all the same.

If you can't see the Flash slideshow above, click through to the Flickr album.

I've discovered something, baths suck.

After getting home from the Marathon, Katie and I decided to clean up. She opted for a shower while I took my first bath in probably five years.

No, don't misread, this was not my first time bathing, just my first bath. I much prefer showers. And I have several reasons why...

  1. Baths are dirty. How do you clean yourself when what you just washed off of one part of you is now floating in the water you are still using to clean another part? This gets me thinking about public swimming pools and hot tubs. Those things have gotta be festering with flith. In many cases, they're exposed to the elements so who knows what happens then. Plus you get a ton of different people using them without water being changed. Sure, they "chlorinate" them clean, but you're only allowed to use so much chlorine before it becomes harmful for a human to use the pool. So if the chlorination isn't strong enough to be harmful to humans, can it truly be powerful enough to kill off our filth? Just sayin'.
  2. You get cold quickly. Not all of you gets covered at all times. Especially when you're my size. Always something exposed. And the whole water displacement thing gets me every time. Overfilling is a constant worry.
  3. It's boring. I can't sit there and use my iPhone because I'd probably drop it in. We don't have a TV in the bathroom. I don't want to read a book as it will find a way to get wet no matter how "dry" I might be. And, not being a kid, I can't exactly drop a bunch of Star Wars figures in the tub to play with anymore. Well, I guess I could, but I'd be locked up and the key thrown away rather quickly.

Showers rock. 'nuff said.

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Sybil Law

OMG - I will PAY Katie to get a picture of you in a bubble bath playing with Star Wars figurines.
I hear you on baths - the dirty thing just skeeves me out. They're okay if you're already clean, though - just as a way to relax.
Way to go Marathoners! My friend just did a 26.2 mile race (well, a while ago) and she loved it. Nearly killed her, but she loved it. Such an accomplishment!

Marty Mankins

The Star Wars in the tub doesn't have to stop just cause you are an adult.

I'm a shower guy, but when I have a cold and it's cold, a nice hot bath is nice. But that happens like twice, maybe 3 times a year.

Congrats to Kim and her completing a marathon. But on the same level of coolness, how cool is it that you and Katie went to see her. You are good people, Mr. & Mrs. Kapgar.


Three words. 

Not. Gonna. Happen. 



But during those two or three baths per year, are you playing with toys and, if so, which ones?


I see absolutely nothing wrong with playing in the bathtub, no matter how old you are. I like my baths very warm, so I just keep adding hot water.


I miss watching the Boston Marathon which I use to do every year when I lived there. It was fun cheering people along (even if you don't know them). However, I'd never run one only because that's just crazy talk.

And who says you can't play with your toys in the bathtub?! I say do it!

Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks

Sweets and I headed down to the 23 and 24 mile markers to watch the race. We didn't see Kim, but we did see our other friend who was running.

As someone who has run the Chicago marathon a couple times, I hope you don't mind if I insert a "there's a good reason for all those barriers at the end." When I first ran the marathon in 2001, there weren't enough barriers. Friends, family and runners were all milling about immediately after the finish line. It was HORRIBLE as a runner. I was sore and achy and sweaty and just wanted to get my stuff from gear check and get out of there. But, A LOT of non-runners were unintentionally IN THE WAY, causing a lot more pain on my part as I'd have to stop and go to let them through. It was AWFUL.

By the time I ran the race again in 2004, they had established many more barriers and it was a MUCH smoother end for me. I was able to make my way through the finish corrals, get some food, get my stuff and then go locate friends and family.

So, I know it's inconvenient for the friends, family and wonderful supporters, but I'm all for big, fat barriers between runners and non-participants.


I think it's so cool you guys went out there to cheer them!


Again, I am SO HAPPY you guys were out there. I loved seeing you. And twice! HOW AWESOME!

I totally think you two should train for a half. The Kenosha one on May 7 (or 8th, not sure) is fun. We'll be doing it again.

How did your other friends do?

Ha! Love the articles. Steven saw someone rid the train with a bib then get off and run!

I take baths quite often. Take a magazine in there, silly! Sometimes I take my BlackBerry. And I think the Star Wars Toys are a good idea!

P.S. I love all your pics of the race! I missed Batman, and the juggler! Ha! What kind of camera do you have? Oh, nevermind, I see it on the flickr details!

Gosh. Some of those shots of the people at the finish are scary!

Could you send me copies of the ones of me, please? :) I like how they show my exhaustion!


I seem to run the water heater dry way too quickly. Sad. 


Is there not a DC marathon where you could cheer like that?


I definitely understand the need. Doesn't make it suck any less. ;-)


It was a blast and I know we'll do it again. Unless, of course, katie's running it. ;-)


I guess Kenosha could be a possibility. Hotta mention it to Katie. And I'll send you full res pics if you send me one of the three of us. I stole that one from your blog. Kinda lo res. ;-)

hello haha narf

i have rubber duckies in my shower. yes, i play with them sometimes. but i don't take baths because that would mean i would really have to scrub the tub. and that ain't gonna happen often.

you had me there for a minute, i thoughts you were gonna say you ran in that marathon. kuck!


I can't believe the thought of me running a marathon could even conceivably cross your mind. ;-)

Marty Mankins

Toy boats, with wind up motors... Oh wait, you mean now. None, I tell you.. None. ;-)


I guess we now know what to buy you for your birthday. Errr... when you were a kid, that is. ;-)

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