But that don't change the way I feel about you...

About five years ago, Katie and I finally made the jump to owning a TiVo. Well, two of them actually.

Now, we can't imagine our lives without them. I can't even remember what it was like to constantly set our VCRs for shows we wanted to watch and constantly swapping out tapes and trying to remember what was on each of them when we wanted to go back and watch them.

Life was so primitive.

But the best part of owning a TiVo, or any DVR for that matter? Fast forward!

Sure, we could fast forward through recorded shows on our VCR, but being able to do it during semi-live TV? Ohmigod. It's so fantastic! We will intentionally not watch a show when it airs live for about 15 minutes on a half hour or 30 minutes on an hour show. Why? So we have enough gap on the airing so that we can fast forward through all the commercials.

And during campaign season, it's an absolute sanity saver!

We have a couple of particularly heated battles going on right now in the State of Illinois for the Governor's mansion and one of our U.S. Senate seats. The two running main candidates for Governor are Pat Quinn (incumbent, somewhat) and Bill Brady while the two vying for the Senate seat are Alexi Giannoulias (sp?) and Mark Kirk.

These candidates are fighting tooth and nail and pulling out every stop in the book in their quest to make the other look like a complete assclown by dragging their name through the mud and slop and excrement and any other nasty substance you can think of. You remember how dirty the 2008 Presidential campaign was? Compared to these two races, that was a gentlemen's duel.

Guess what? It's working. I think all four of them are jackasses and I don't want any of the four of them in office.

Sadly I have little choice in the matter. The two-party system that exists in this country makes it impossible for any third-party candidate to be a viable option. Hell, in most cases, we never even hear of their names.

I wish just one of them would come out with a simple, generic ad in which they say, "Hi, my name is Bobby Dunleavey [not a real candidate... I think] and I'm not Bill Brady or Pat Quinn." Honestly, at this point, that might be enough to sway me. I seriously don't want any of the available candidates to take office.

Or maybe I'll just start a write-in campaign for Dave2.

At least I know what to expect from him...

[please don't hate/sue me for using your graphic, Dave]

Katie and I are signing up for our first ever fun run!

It's the TriCity Family Services Second Annual Snowflake Shuffle 5K Run & Walk on December 4, 2010.

Why are we doing it? There are several reasons...

  1. It's scheduled for the day before my birthday.
    If I survive, I can really celebrate my birthday feeling like I've done something cool. If I die, I never have to turn 36 years old. Yay!
  2. It's a mile from our house.
    I don't really have to worry much about travel or parking or lodging or anything. And it's so close, we can actually practice on the planned route.
  3. The route map, oh the route map.
    Speaking of route, if this route map (PDF) doesn't sell you on the race, nothing will. C'mon, is it seriously that difficult to create a Google Map Mashup and make it publically available and link or embed it on the site?

 Wish us luck!

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Please tell me that map is drawn on the back of a bar napkin.


I was hoping the same thing. 


I believe you forgot to mention that Becca and I were running as well. AND, you forgot to mention who gave you the idea in the first place. Now I'm forced to believe that you came up with this fun run idea all by yourself and I can't in good conscience do that.

hello haha narf

fun run is such a contradiction in my world. you are clearly a freak.
BUT, i like that the official planners say it is a shuffle. now THAT i could consider!


But if I said you were running, that would be falsely committing you to something you haven't decided to do yet. And I cannot in good conscience do that either. 


It's a contradiction in my world too. But I'll still give it a shot. 

Kevin Spencer

Good lord, finding a blank tape or at least something you didn't mind taping over, then trying to remember how the bloody timer worked. Good times they were. Good times.


Good times I hope to never revisit. 

The Bombshell

We should all vote for Dave2 because he doesn't have enough on his plate already. Politics could help fill his empty schedule.

Sybil Law

I'm totally voting for Dave2. The ads are beyond on my nerves!
Best of luck in the race!!!


He does sound bored when he blogs about his humdrum existence, doesn't he?


If this write-in campaign for Dave works, he may wind up with an elected position in each of the 50 states and Guam!!


Yay! I am excited you are doing a 5K! I am doing one that day too :)

I thought of you two as I drove past Kenosha today... http://www.wisconsinmarathon.com/


You should ditch the one you're running and come run with us. Check that, you'll make us all look bad so you probably shouldn't come. ;-)


No... no lawsuit. But you will be receiving a bill for ONE MILLION DOLLARS! That's the going rate for people who legally use my images in full accordance with my Creative Common license!



Well seeing as it was typed up in my home, you are only legally eligible to be paid in the going currency here. Enjoy your Monopoly money!!


Campaign ads are The Worst. I am so glad I have a dvr so I can fast forward.



Marty Mankins

I have yet to join the DVR crowd. I think I've been missing out here.


You of all people don't have a TiVo? Never wouldn't expected that. 

Marty Mankins

I know, it's very surprising. The plan is to get one next year, although with my current plan to try and remove cable TV and use alternative forms of TV viewing (Hulu, Netflix, over the air), I've going to have find a DVR that fits that model.


That might be tough. 

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