Those were the days...

Since yesterday was our ninth anniversary, I couldn't quite make a Snippet Wednesday work properly. So, to make up for it, I'm bringing you a Snippet Thursday: The Reckoning!

Katie and I desperately need a new bar stool or two for the table in our kitchen. But, for some reason, we have not been able to find one we like to save our lives.

Was that snippet just completely random? Yeah, I agree. It's actually a teaser I've been asked to place on my blog in anticipation of a future product review for a company called CSN. I put the word "bar stool" with that link on there and then they will send me a product of my choosing to review. I just felt the need to try to work "bar stool" into some semblance of context. And we would really like some barstools. But that's not what I'm planning to review. The good thing is that, soon after I do my review, I will be giving away a gift certificate to their online store to some lucky reader. Don't worry, this sort of thing won't become commonplace by any stretch. I just wanted to try doing another product review as it's been quite a while. We'll see how it goes. Plus, I have a pretty cool idea for the product I want to review and how I'm going to do it. But it's kinda time sensitive, so here's hoping I get it in time.

But if there is one thing you may see a lot of around here, it's me avowing my love of Brittany on Glee. I did it a couple weeks ago and, after this week's episode, I'm going to do it again. The girl kills me and her scene with the meatball in Breadsticks a la Lady and the Tramp was absolutely adorable and heartbreaking all at the same time.


Speaking of cool girls, there's one named Kate McGroarty who recently won a Month at the Museum contest through the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago. Basically this means that she will be living in an exhibit and blog, video, and Tweet her interactions and experiences. How cool is that? She's going to eat there, sleep there, do some other stuff there. I'm hoping she gets a little privacy for the bathroom. Oh yeah, and did I mention she gets $10,000 for the month? Would you do it?

For as long as I've been cognizant, my dad has had a full beard on his face. Until this last half year or so, that is. Lately, he's become a little more experimental. First, he shaved it down to a goatee and now it's just a moustache. Yes, of course we've been giving him crap about his "porn star" 'stache - we just couldn't help ourselves. However, this past week, Katie and I were watching 30 Rock with guest star Rob Reiner when she chimed in with, "that's what I miss... having Rob Reiner as my father-in-law." And it finally clicked... ohmigod, Rob Reiner is my dad! My dad is Rob Reiner! Finkel is Einhorn!

Robreiner  Wayneapgar

Well, yanno, minus the directing and acting credits, of course. And the huge bank accounts. And the Hollywood contacts. And... *sigh*

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Oct 18
It's kinda funny how many people seem to agree with the idea that my dad and Rob Reiner are the same person. Friends, family, the whole shebang. But the ultimate confirmation came yesterday from my dad himself when I told...


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I read the first sentence of your last snippet, looked at the pictures and thought 'Kapgar's father is Rob Reiner?' Imagine my surprise to find out that it's true!

I thought Artie was kinda mean to Brittany this week. I mean, really, she 'pops his cherry' and then he dumps her? Typical male.


I missed Glee this week! I'll need to catch a replay of it on the internet (Fox does replays yes?).

How long is that lady going to stay in the exhibit for? And 10,000 a month? I might consider doing it. That is if I get my bathroom privacy. Gotta have bathroom privacy yo.

If your dad starts saying lines while looking in the mirror and is hauling some sort of video camera around, then I think you can be 100% certain that your dad IS in fact Rob Reiner.

Have a great weekend!

Marty Mankins

Always nice to find a doppelganger in your family.

We found our bar stools at Pier 1 Imports. They cost more than the Target put-it-together kind, but they look nicer and have that comfortable feeling to them.

I need to catch up with all the Britney Glee action.

Kevin Spencer

I think if I saw your Dad on the street I would probably think it was Rob Reiner and go get his autograph. Because I'm a sad fanboy like that ;-)


Yeah, Artie let his mancard play through this week. Boo. Hiss.


She's only in there for one month. I think I might go a little stir crazy beyond that. As for FOX replays, I'm not really sure, but I'm guessing you can find it online somewhere.


Assemble yourself stuff is kinda hit or miss. You never really know what you're going to wind up with.


I'll warn my dad to be ready for your arrival.

Sybil Law

Isn't that what Archie called him? Oh, wait - Meathead! Whatever. He was also Marty DiBergi in Spinal Tap! Awesome. :)
Can your dad get me Dave Grohl?
You can't find a barstool even with all those choices?! What're you guys looking for? (I am the person who looks until she gets what she wants - I am insane like that!)
I have nothing to say about the Glee crap. :)


My dad uses his powers for good! Not your brand of evil sexual deviance!

hello haha narf

fuck yes i would live in a museum for a month. they wouldn't even have to pay me $10k, i would do it for a bunch less. that would be all kinds of incredible.
assuming, of course, that i could pee in peace.

hope this comes out right, but your dad is cute.


My dad's gonna love that one. 

Gary O

I'd absolutely do the exhibit thing for $10k, provided I could have, uhm...conjugal visits.


Your dad really does look like Rob Reiner! WOW!


Yeah, my first draft of the post made mention of conjugal visits and if they were also private or visible to the public. That would be one heckuva museum.


Oh, it gets better. i'll have to write it up.

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