Who are you...

It's kinda funny how many people seem to agree with the idea that my dad and Rob Reiner are the same person.

Friends, family, the whole shebang.

But the ultimate confirmation came yesterday from my dad himself when I told him that I had put a picture of him next to one of Reiner on my blog. His response? "I saw it... those weren't both of me?"

Um, no. 


I like Goodwill.

You can find some cool stuff at Goodwill.

Stuff that you might not even be looking for. 

For example, this past week I stopped in to look just for kicks and what did I find?

Low-priced porn!

Hey, at least Goodwill is acknowledging the sexual needs of the low income'd. Right nice of them, don'cha think?

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Sybil Law

Marianne Faithfull?!
I love that your dad didn't even know! That's just funny. :)


She's always naked under leather!!

The Bombshell

Wow. That is crazy. Goodwill indeed.


*Very* goodwill. 


I'm always naked. Under my clothes.

hello haha narf

does this mean that your dad read the comment where i said he was cute?

and if your dad is reading this now, i don't wanna discuss porn, be it at goodwill or elsewhere.

Marty Mankins

I love you dad's response to the photos and his resemblance to Rob Reiner.


But are you always clad in leather?


I'm not sure he read the comments so you may be safe. 


Ain't if great? 

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