And still the photograph showed signs not wasted...

Week two has come and gone and I've got a few things to accomplish here today.

First, I need to draw a winner from week one of the contest. The winner, who will be chosen randomly from all those who entered, will receive a $10 iTunes giftcard.

And the winner, as determined by, is #5, or in this case, Kevin Spencer! I will e-mail you the $10 iTunes code just as soon as I've picked it up. Cool, man?

Second, I must present my own entries for week two. Here you go...

I decree that it's wrong that I can't just make this a single word and put it anywhere I want on the damn game board. #stupidrules
"Because the plot thickens every day
And the pieces of my puzzle keep crumblin' away
But I know, there's a picture beneath."
--Faith No More, "Falling to Pieces," The Real Thing

Technically, this doesn't really count since it's a screen capture off my iPhone as opposed to an actual photograph. But it does kinda fit and, since I'm not allowing myself to win the drawings, it doesn't really matter, does it?

Helium Fail
"The favored march up over the hill in some fools parade.
Shoutin' victory for the righteous, but there ain't much here but graves."
--Bruce Springsteen, "Gypsy Biker," Magic

Needle Light
"Cables that carry the life to the cities we build.
Threads that link diamonds of life to the satanic mills."
--Yes, "Machine Messiah," Drama

Third, and lastly, here are the lyrics for week 3...

My lyric-
"The wind comes in at the end of the day,
watchin' the trees and the leaves and the pieces blow away."
--Annie Automatic, "Something Sacred (acoustic)," iTunes Single

Nat's lyric-
"I gotta tell you folks, he wasn't wearin no clothes.
He musta rubbed a whole gallon of Crisco oil from his back down to his toes."
--Ben Folds, "Bizarre Christmas Incident," Ben Folds Live

Odie's lyric-
"Well I stumbled upon your secret place safe in the trees you had tears on your face.
Wrestling with your desires frozen strangers stealing your fires. the message hit my mind."
--Heart, "Dog and Butterfly," Dog and Butterfly

Have some fun!

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Sybil Law

The only pictures I've taken this week are of the Christmas concert at Z's school and a bunch of drunken photographs last night!


Well if you can't make them fit the lyrics, I'm sure we'd all still like to see shots of drunken you!


Two photos were just posted to the Flickr! Group. Third is coming, I just got caught up in shit.


P.S. Love the lyrics this week...


Sweet. So far, you are the only entrant this past week. 


Thanks! I was pretty happy with them too.

Kevin Spencer

Woohoo! Sounds good to me mate. And on another note, how much do I suck for totally blowing this week's deadline?


You totally suck! Your punishment is to have to spend your week one winnings on ME! 

Marty Mankins

Nat's comment reminded me that I need to upload what I've taken so far to the Flickr group. Doh! (will have to do it tonight since Flickr is blocked at work here)

I posted my link for Week 2 on the official Week 2 post.


You stand a pretty solid chance of being one of the only entrants this past week. 


Alright darling, I just uploaded my photos for this week to the Flickr! (And included the two I was missing from the previous week.)

Blog post to come.


Woo hoo! Thanks for participating in this. Seriously. 


Pleasure is mine.

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