Should auld acquaintance be forgot...
Another reason to cry...

And I love Buddha too...

This is it! The time has come to bring the Kapgar Photo Scavenger Hunt to a close. And I've got several prizes to draw names for as a result.

First, the drawing for the winners in Week 3 and Week 4! Actually, upon looking at the comments for both posts and at the Flickr group (unless I missed something), there will be no drawing as Nat was the only person to enter all week. Um, so, yeah, congrats Nat! Looks like you got a lot of music coming your way.


Second, here are my photos for the Week 4 challenge lyrics. Actually, it turns out I only uploaded a single lyric's worth of photos. Damn...

Namaste Today
"We love the all the all of you.
Our lands are green and skies are blue.
Now all in all we're just like you.
We love the all of you."
--Spacehog, "In the Meantime," Resident Alien

Third, it's time to draw the winner of the $75 gift certificate from for the whole enchilada. With all the entries thrown in the e-basket and picking the number for me, the winner is...


Congrats. E-mail me and I'll send you the code.

Thank you to everyone who participated. I hope you all had fun.