I just get tangled in the sheets...

I wish I knew what the hell happened last night.

I went to bed just like any other night. Maybe a hair earlier than normal, in all honesty. I was on my right side covered with the sheets, a thin blanket, and the duvet. I also had a pillow between my knees (chiropractor's recommendation that I've been employing for quite some time now) and my right arm out in front of me but cocked at the elbow so the hand and part of the forearm were under my pillow to provide a little additional support for my head.

When I woke up this morning, I was still on my right side but all the blankets were kicked off me. The knee pillow had vanished and another pillow was on the floor. The thin blanket was wrapped tourniquet style around my right bicep which had been pulled underneath my body and was completely asleep due to lack of blood flow. It took a full 15 minutes this morning to be able to constrict my hand into something resemblng a believable fist without feeling those blades of pain julienning my nerve endings. Oh, and having my arm and the twisted blanket under my body hasn't exactly done wonders for my spine. I did a yawning stretch in the bathroom this morning and heard a pop so loud I worried it might wake Katie. Yeah, that's bad.

What the hell happened last night?

We didn't drink anything yesterday. No partying. No drugs. No nothing that could possibly explain away this sleep anomaly. A seemingly normal night.

Today, though, I just know my body's going to revolt sometime, somewhere when I least expect it.

And it will not be pretty.

Four-ish months later and I finally finished season two of True Blood. It took that long to convince my brain to dull itself enough to wrap up this crapfest of a season.

Verdict? I hated it. Passionately.

And even though I've had people swear that season three is better, I don't think I can watch it. As it stands, there's not a single character in the show I feel invested enough in or has enough redeeming qualities to make me want to watch. Not even Hoyt and Jessica, whom I loved so much earlier in the season.

I know it's the it show on TV, but I'm done.

I really just want vampires to fade from the pop culture focus now. Please? I'm sick and tired of them.

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hello haha narf

do you remember any dreams from last night?


Holy crap, maybe you were doing some sort of gymnastics in your dream and then fidgeted a lot in bed???

I got nothing.

Sybil Law

I remember I had this blanket that should've been thrown away, but I LOVED it and even though it was ripping, I kept it and used it. One night, I dreamed I was choking, or being strangled (I forget, now) - and I woke up - with the ripped part of the blanket wrapped around my neck - like, a couple of times.
I threw that bitch away right then.

I like to think you kicked someone's ass in your dream last night.

Kevin Spencer

Ha that's funny, that kind of thing happens to me from time to time too. I'll wake up and find sheets & blankets all over the bloody place.


It wasn't the all-over-the-place aspect that worried me so much as the arm tourniquet. I still had Thurmond in my arm nearly three hours later. 


I think someone may have kicked mine abs my sleep self was stemming the bleeding with a tourniquet. Maybe I shouldn't have read 127 Hours. Like your blanket story. Funny. 


I can't even do gymnastics in real life let alone a dream state. 


Not a one. 


Sounds like you were having a wild dream! I have gone from being a pretty wild sleeper to being almost immobile during a night. I think it's because my back hurts if I move in a certain way and wakes me up, so I've just learned to avoid it. I'm pretty sure my husband appreciates that there is less rolling around and cover stealing!


I kick the covers off almost nightly. I also toss and turn. So that could easily happen to me. I hate when my limbs go numb. Such an icky feeling!


Katie was saying that pain and discomfort wake her up too. So she was pretty surprised my tourniquet'd arm didn't wake me up. 


This was beyond run of the mill numbness. My fingertips didn't fully recover for three hours. 


I to have had enough of vampires. However just started watching the BBC version of Being Human. Go figure.


Go figure, indeed. ;-)

Marty Mankins

I've never an interest in True Blood. Sounds like I'm not missing much here.


Don't bother. 


Same thing happened to me 3 days ago, and my arm and hand are still numb. Physical therapy helped, but it's really scary to sleep so hard that we don't realize our limbs are going numb!


It is freaky, isn't it? Sorry it's happening to you. 

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