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The day the music died...

I've been trying to whittle down my online presence a bit.

No, I'm not bailing out on all of you. I just feel that with years of experimentation with different online and social media services, the time comes when you realize you've gone too far. Your name is everywhere with this registration and that service and this site and that... well, you get it.

So I've been picking and choosing those which I use most regularly and attempting to ditch out several others.

Last-fm_logo The one thing I hate, though, is when a service kinda craps out on me and, thus, forces my hand when it comes to stopping my use of it. The latest perpetrator is Last.fm, a music service that tracks what you listen to either live via online streaming and iTunes or by "scrobbling" the music you've listened to on your iPod after you sync it to iTunes.

Well, let's be honest here, I never really listen to music streaming or via iTunes directly. I'm just not on a computer like I used to be and I cannot activate iTunes at work. And, for some reason, Last.fm's desktop plugin will no longer track my iPod listens. In fact, the service hasn't recorded an update from me since the beginning of October despite constant use of my iPod and several syncs with iTunes. Even when I load iTunes, I get that nifty little pop-up from Last.fm telling me that "Scrobbling is enabled." And still nothing.

I've tweaked settings, uninstalled and reinstalled, cursed and sworn, looked at forums, and nada.

I guess I truly never used Last.fm the way it should. Well, not since I first started using it anyway. Sure, it's cool to find out that I have SUPER musical compatibility with Dave and Amanda and even Wil Wheaton. But I no longer try to find new artists or listen to the shows they broadcast.

So maybe it's time to part ways with my Last.fm account.

Two years and 48,911 songs later... I bid thee adieu.

I received an update from Netflix today telling me that they were shipping Inception to me.

I've been wanting to see this to some degree for a while. Part of me was hesitant and that's why I never saw it in theaters. But now it's on DVD and the 28-day waiting period is done, so it's mine.

I Tweeted my excitement.

That Tweet almost instantly elicited a flood of rave reviews from my fellow Tweeps. More than a dozen people told me how fantastic it is. This excitement was only abated by one person who said it was "meh" only to take it back later telling me he was joking.

You know what this means, don't you? I'm going to hate it.

No, I'm not saying you all have terrible taste in movies. I just tend to get overinflated expectations and, today, Twitter did not make it any better.

So I have to start telling myself now that Inception will suck... Inception will suck... Inception will suck...

It's truly my only hope for enjoying this movie.