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We can't go on together with suspicious minds...

Welcome to another Snippet Wednesday.

I have decided this season to become an impassioned baseball fan. And who am I going to get behind? Well, my Cubbies of course. I know I questioned my loyalty in recent seasons, but I do think I've finally nailed down why I was so apathetic. That "why" is former Manager Lou Pinella. Maybe it's because I'm on the outside looking in, but he always struck me as not giving a damn. He always came across as way too laissez-faire for the team's own good. No fire. No passion. Sure, they made the playoffs a couple seasons in a row, but only to have their clocks cleaned in the first round.

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Baby come back to me...

Have you all seen the ads for Catholics Come Home? It's an organization set up to try to lure lapsing Catholics back in the fold in an age when anti-Catholic sentiment is at an all-time high due to priest-on-choirboy malfeasance, messed up views on contraception and abortion, and... well, the list goes on, I'm sure.

I feel, however, that the marketing firm behind Catholics Come Home is missing an opportunity today. They should be engaged in a full-on media blitz to not only bring back lapsed Catholics, but those who were never Catholics in the first place. Why? Well because today is Fat Tuesday!

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