I'm not afraid...
But time makes you bolder...

Baby come back to me...

Have you all seen the ads for Catholics Come Home? It's an organization set up to try to lure lapsing Catholics back in the fold in an age when anti-Catholic sentiment is at an all-time high due to priest-on-choirboy malfeasance, messed up views on contraception and abortion, and... well, the list goes on, I'm sure.

I feel, however, that the marketing firm behind Catholics Come Home is missing an opportunity today. They should be engaged in a full-on media blitz to not only bring back lapsed Catholics, but those who were never Catholics in the first place. Why? Well because today is Fat Tuesday!

How's this work, you might ask? Well, for it to truly be Fat Tuesday, you must be a person who acknowledges that tomorrow is Ash Wednesday, a very traditionally Catholic holiday. So the Catholic Church and all it's priests and cardinals and even the Pope himself should be standing at the wide-open doors of their churches with a tray of paczkis ready to hand out!

Paczki Goodness  


Never will the Catholic faith see as high an (re)attendance rate as they could today!


So I need help from all of you.

I need to decide on a superhero alterego for myself.

Should I be Kap-Thor or should I be Kaptain America?

Kap Thor   Kaptain America

No context here. Not for a holiday or a party... just a simple 'which should it be?'

Vote in the comments!


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Dude, Kap-Thor, hands DOWN. :D Love this, & love the pics.

Bob "Pappy" Richardson

Kaptain America DEFINITELY!
The mask is better. And you get a cool shield and a motor cycle. Thor has a hammer and sandals. Unless of course you go way geeky like me and be Kap-Thor the Asgard from SG-!. Then you have a kick ass space ship and ... wow I am a dork sometimes.


That's one Thor and one KapAm. 


Just a little geeky. 

One Thor. Two KapAm (Katie likes him too). 

Sybil Law

I like Kaptain America, fo sho.




Kap-Thor looks just a little too angry to me. Put me in the Kaptain America camp. (I'm assuming you'll only use your powers for good, right?)


Yeeeaaahhhh... powers for good. That's what we'll call it. 


I think Kaptain America. You're too much of a softie to be Thor-ish. That is a compliment!


Kaptain America and you must be your alter ego at least one day on the cruise.....or the day of the wedding, your choice.

hello haha narf

you know what paczki are! that is awesome. most people have no clue what i am talking about. and it took be forever to realize that those glorious little fruit donuts were spelled that way. hearing the word and reading the word are TOTALLY different things. heehee

oh, and i'm also in camp kaptain america.


I really wasn't sure at first but I'll take it as a compliment. 


Becca might kill me. Some Kaptain America I'd be. 


It is a totally messed-up word but I'll forgive it as it's so damn delicious. 

Marty Mankins

Kap-tain America is my choice.


Seems as though KapAm it shall be. 

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