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Howdy, folks! Y'all ready for a roundup of all the bits that I've found interesting lately thrown together into a mish-mash I lovingly refer to as Snippet Wednesday?



People get pretty fired up when a song is remade or remixed by another artist. Sure, they've typically got permission from the original musician(s), but there's usually something sacred about the original that keeps people from wanting to hear it redone.

However, have you ever had a song that you like all versions of regardless of the artist? I do. That song for me is the Fleetwood Mac classic "Landslide." Sure, I still think the original with Stevie Nicks on the mic is the best, but I've also truly liked the versions recorded by both The Smashing Pumpkins and The Dixie Chicks. I dunno why, but each has its own appeal to me.

That list has been added to with the version sung on last night's episode of Glee by Gwyneth Paltrow. It just... works. I wish I could explain the appeal in less uncertain terms, but I cannot. I just like it.

Am I missing any versions that I need to hear?

Body_in_trunk Have you ever heard of someone else (or maybe you yourself) referring to the cargo capacity of a car's trunk in terms of the number of human bodies it can hold? This was one of the most fascinating things to come of my car shopping trials and tribulations.

It actually started with Katie and me watching Hawaii Five-0 and seeing the trunk of a new Chevy Cruze loaded with two dead bodies. Then we went to the Chicago Auto Show and started using that as the metric by which we judged trunk space. "Ohhhh, this one could hold three!" "This trunk could easily contain two and a half bodies; we'll just have to dump off the other half corpse alongside the road."

Then I started visiting dealerships and they would do that as well! "Yep, the Sonata can easily hold three or four corpses."

This was without any prompting whatsoever.

Do I just look like the sort of person who would have a need for corpse storage? Perhaps it's time for a makeover so I appear less menacing.

Thanks to a friend who works at Google, I have now regained access to my old kapgar5 Gmail account! Yay! This means I have my old Google Reader and YouTube accounts as well as the 1,650-some-odd messages languishing in my inbox for three and a half months.

No, I'm going to be sticking with kevinwapgar as my primary e-mail address, but at least I'll be able to receive messages sent to the old account.

I can't believe I didn't think to contact her earlier. Thanks, S!

Illinois Governor Quinn is supposed to sign legislation banning the death penalty in the State of Illinois at some point today.

I'm torn on this.

On the one hand, I think the death penalty system is flawed and in need of severe repair work. But, I also believe that given the proper reassessment, the death penalty could work and should be used. I hate the thought that one person can kill another and then be sent to prison for life (if even that long) and just siphon away our tax dollars the whole time. It's not right.

This is one case in which I am pretty firmly Republican. I admit that and hate doing so.

Over the last several weeks, my beloved Chicago Blackhawks had amassed an eight-game winning streak. This streak launched them from 11th place in the NHL's Western Conference and out of playoff contention to fourth place in the division and number one in the playoff pool behind the three division leaders.


However, the Florida Panthers snapped that streak last night with a 3-2 defeat of my Hawks before it could be extended to nine games. Well, it has to end some time, I know. But it was so much fun to experience. Winning streaks are one of the coolest things in sports. The teams and the fans get so jazzed. I love it.

Good job, Hawks! Let's start another one!


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Bob "Pappy" Richardson

So, according to "sheen" that would be a "bi-winning" streak.
Bring it!

Sybil Law

I am SO glad I don't watch Glee, because I am sick to death of Gwyneth Paltrow, period.
I feel like you when it comes to the death penalty. Plus, we always need to make room for the other violent assholes to stay.
I think everyone looks at trunks like that, right?


Is that what "bi-winning" means?


Landslide is an awesome song. For me part of its appeal is that I keep hearing the lyrics in new ways. You've given me another version to check out.

As for the death penalty, I have mixed feelings about it, but ultimately think the government shouldn't be allowed to kill people if for no other reason than it must really take a toll on the people who are involved with performing the executions. And if it doesn't, well, that's alarming. Killing's a bit too vengeful to be justice.

And yet, I can imagine circumstances where it could bring victims comfort and a feeling of safety or resolution. Not simple.


I don't much like her either but she's pretty cool on Glee. 


What if we can replace the executioner with a mad robot? Then it's blame and guilt free! Yay!

JK. You make good points that add to my confusion more than just a bit. But there's gotta be a better way to punish them than to pretty much be supported by the tax dollars paid by the victim's next of kin thus furthering the depth of the injury. Know what I mean?


I think part of the problem is that rehabilitation doesn't work particularly well, and I'm not sure people want it too. I'm not saying let murderers loose (though, of course, they do), but make prison something other than a breeding ground for more crime.

Lots of inmates do work but I'm not sure what % or what the particulars of payment are. Pretty sure it's slave wages, but I don't know offhand if they get to keep it or if it goes to the prison, e.g. Might vary with among prisons.

That would be one solution anyway. Have prisoners work to reduce/eliminate the cost of their own incarceration.

hello haha narf

i got to see the pens pull off a nice win last night in our wonderful new arena. felt great.

i believe in the death penalty.

congrats on getting back your old account! can your google friend help a guy i am dating? he can't remember his ancient gmail password and the other email account that it was tied to is long gone. everything online is impossible for him to accurately complete. mess!

doesn't everyone talk about truck space like that?

i never really got that song the way others do. not certain what is wrong with me. must be long and difficult to spell!


Lemme find the Tweets from my friend and I'll forward them your way. Do me a favor and DM me a reminder so I'll see it tomorrow. Cool?


Rehabilitation. Yet another in a long list of problems with our penal system as a whole. 


I love the Landslide song as long as Stevie Nicks isn't anywhere near it. I can't stand her voice for some reason. I'm not a fan of Gwyneth either, so it's good that I don't watch Glee.

I also have mixed feelings about the death penalty. I think there are people so evil that they should not have further opportunities to practice the evil. But then I don't think a sane, rational person should be put in the position of being executioner. Also, if I believe that life is sacred, doesn't that include the evil ones? I don't get to pick and choose, do I. But, to bring it full circle, if someone takes a life shouldn't they have to forfeit theirs? Obviously I haven't worked my way around that circle yet so I'ma go with a no on the death penalty until I do.


My nephew and I use elephants instead of corpses. (It started off as a way to end an awkward silence on a long car ride, and has become a great way to make each other smile when nobody else knows what we're talking about.)


I'm not even gonna ask how that would work. 


I like the corpse-load idea.

I gave up on Glee. Landslide is a solid song, and generally I am opposed to covers, however, from time to time, they do work.

I am fiercely opposed to the death penalty. Part of it is "an eye for an eye make everybody blind" and I think killing is wrong no matter who does it.

That aside (1) there have been any number of high profile cases where the jury quite simply got it wrong. You can't undo dead. (But you can put it in your trunk.) (2) It doesn't act as a deterrent. (3) They sentence all sorts of odd people to death, but mostly the black and the underpriviledged... the monsters, well, if they have the means, they get off. It favours the wealthy. (4) From what I've read if costs to the State to execute someone than it does to keep them in prison for life. Go figure.

Worth the read...


That's exactly my issue. I believe life is sacred and should be treated as such. But if a person is not willing to act that way towards their fellow man and consequently take that person's life, they give up their own protected status. Basically it's the whole "unalienable rights" to life, etc. Yanno?


I get the arguments from both sides and see valid points in both. But I guess it's really one of those "you can't really truly talk about it until it has happened to you" sorts of things. My biggest problem with Illinois' banishment is that it doesn't even offer the chance to try to get it right. It's just *done*. 


Can you get killing people right? (Not sure I understand what you're saying.)


Dunno. But I'm not sure life in prison is a deterrent and rehab is a joke. 


"Since 1977, Illinois has seen 20 people exonerated from death row. Seven
of those were exonerated since the moratorium was imposed in 2000." (From the Examiner.)

Can you live with sending an innocent person to die? As a juror how would you feel if it was your decision to make? As humans we are imperfect, and what happens when (and I'm sure it's happened) an innocent person goes to his death for crimes they're not responsible for? There is no way to ensure that you've got the right person. And how do you right a wrong when someone is dead? If for this reason alone, the death penalty is a bad idea.


Hence why I said "it needs to be fixed." I don't know how to fix it, but it does.

Can you live with telling a person whose son, daughter, mother, father, etc. was just killed by someone and PROVEN beyond a shadow of a doubt that they will now have to subsidize this person living out the rest of their life in prison?


Yes. No problem at all.

The cost issue is moot, it's been proven that it's more expensive for the state to execute prisoners than to keep them in jail for life.


Okay, so barring cost, you have no issue leaving these families languishing without closure? Sure, not all of them want the offender to die but some do. And you're willing to pour salt on that open wound? If so, I'd love to see you face off with the Nicaricos of Naperville. 


It's not pouring salt on an open wound to send someone to jail for life. To my mind, that is closure. You go to jail for a very very very long time.  It's wrong to kill people. It's wrong for criminals to do it, it's wrong for the state do it. End of story.

Take a look at countries that allow the death penalty to those that don't. Most industrialized democracies tend to agree.


Perhaps you consider it closure but clearly not everyone agrees. There has been an outpouring of anger from families of victims whose killers are on death row in Illinois and are now exonerated. You can't go around talking like your viewpoint is gospel. It's not. 

I do wonder if you'd still feel the same way if you were a victim. And you can't say your min wouldn't change since you have no footing in the emotional arena. 

So we'll just have to agree to disagree. 


I live firm in my belief that killing people is wrong. Always. (Thou shall not kill --  gospel to me, and I'm an atheist.) How is killing someone who hurt me going to solve anything? They'd have a family who would mourn them, friends. An eye for an eye make every body blind.

(PS: they didn't exonerate the inmates on death row -- sounds like the commuted a lot of sentences:

But yes, let's agree to disagree.


Sorry, "exonerate" was the wrong word. I meant "commuted."

Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks

I agree with you re. death penalty. I also think that unions have far too much power given financial realities today. While I do support the idea of collective bargaining, the system needs to be revamped to reflect the present day, not a day decades ago. I hope that doesn't make me Republican - ick. =)


Republican or not, I completely agree with you. Everyone else is doing their part, why can't unions help too??

Marty Mankins

"Landslide" - all versions, including any acoustic ones done by Nicks and Buckingham - are great. Such a well written song.

Glad to hear about getting access to your previous Gmail account. After you and others I know had their Hotmail and Gmail accounts hacked, I changed my passwords to be extra strong. Of course, now it takes forever to type when it needs to re-authenticate, but hey... the hackers forced us into this mode.

Death penalty... My cut and dried stance on this is: if the person planned and calculated to kill people, with no remorse and there is evidence showing it happened with a confession from the killer, then I say end their life. They purposely planned to kill another human being. Crimes of passion, accidental and unintended (robber fires a shot but never planned to, even though they had a gun on them) should consider death penalty, but IMO, these people need some remorse or a change in their lives to spare them from their unplanned killing.


I can handle that policy. 


I wore by Blackhawks shirt to breakfast at First Watch the other day. The guy seating us gave me a look and, probably a CBJ fan, said, "Blackhawks?"

I explained I got the shirt for $4.00 at Target. (It's a lot easier to be a bargain shopper when you're not a sports fan.)


Wear that bargain basement shirt with pride, man!! Pride!!

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