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Oh my heart...

Somebody remind me NEVER to preorder any music on iTunes using my iPhone ever again. Okay?

Why? Because when you do, it seems that the iTunes app will always readily to your preorder screen requiring you to enter your iTunes password EACH AND EVERY TIME YOU TRY TO USE THE DAMN APP. This happens even if I'm just trying to browse the store without buying anything.

Another snag in the app is that, if I preorder, I cannot use my phone to download any of the free music you get at places like Starbucks via their in-store digital network. It's like the iTunes app looks at it as a conflict of some sort. It just won't do it and it's frustrating as hell.

Anybody else having this problem or know a fix for it?


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Marty Mankins

No known fix, but that same thing frustrates me, too. And that's without preordering anything. Just the prompt for password multiple times when I'm trying to buy something, usually after an iTunes T&C update.


I don't get why it does that. Well actually I do. But it's still annoying. For preorders, they should store the date info locally so it can just see that it's not out yet and, hence, not bother checking the online stores for it. Grrrr.  

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