Oh my heart...
We can't go on together with suspicious minds...

She gimme cat scratch fever...

"Corporate Cat Will Rise"??

Monocle'd Uprising   3/21: Kitty Litter  

I found these stickers yesterday along the Riverwalk in downtown Naperville, IL, while walking over to Starbucks for a late-day latte.

Of course, being that I was heading to a Starbucks instead of a mom-and-pop coffee shop (none of which exist in downtown Naperville anymore), I guess I really shouldn't need to ask the next question, but I will anyway...

What the heck does it mean? I've got a pretty good idea of the overarching implication, but I want DETAILS!

And I also have an urge to just run all over downtown and see if I can find more of them! They're cool little stickers, aren't they?

Somehow, though, I doubt they're all still there and I highly doubt they were there all that long before I saw them, too. The Riverwalk is a big source of pride in the downtown and I'm sure Park District staff were all over peeling them up.

Oh, and it's raining now, too. So even if they were missed, I get the feeling Mother Nature might be performing a natural cleanse.

Katie and I had our taxes done yesterday.

I find it so weird that we are required by law to e-file everything these days. Even our accountant has to e-file it all.

But the strange thing about it all is that when you e-file, any money you owe must be sent separately.

So, as my accountant stated, "they'll have your documentation and then receive your check and then we have to trust them to actually put them both together. Yeah, I'm just full of all kinds of good feelings with this one."

Our accountant cracks me up.


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Bob "Pappy" Richardson

I think I might be the only person that still does my own taxes. It seems everyone is having someone else do them. For the state, I am sending it in through the mail. I am not paying $15 for a $3 refund.


Ha. Corporate Cat is cute!


I know I *could* do my own taxes, I just don't trust myself. 


It's Data with a monocle isn't it?!?! I knew it!!!

hello haha narf

i kinda really love corporate cat. and i am a dog person!


I'm trying to imagine a voice for Corporate Cat. 

Sybil Law

Corporate Cat is super cool. I want a sticker!
Taxes are so stupid. Thanks for giving me back the money I paid. That makes perfect sense.


I just wish the tax process was logical without all these factors and whatnot. Make it simple. "Okay, we've earned a good amount of interest on the money you paid us in income tax. Now here's your original amount back." That would be nice. 


I think it's a good thing for accountants to have senses of humor. I mean, that work must provide some fodder, right?


I would certainly expect so. 


Corporate Cat is all over the NCC Campus!


I gotta check that out. 

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