I still owe money...
I'm not afraid...

We need some help from you now...

My wife kills me. Please consider defense exhibit number one.

Katie: So I was getting changed in the locker room at the gym and suddenly this woman came in and said, "Look at you! Getting up early, working out, showering, and going to work! Yay for you!"

Me: Who was it?

Katie: I don't know. I've never seen her before.

Me: What did you say to her?

Katie: I said, "um, thanks?"

Me: So you have your own cheerleader?

Katie: Yeah, but then she disappeared.

Me: She disappeared?

Katie:  She walked over to the toilets and I never saw her again. Now I'm not even sure she was real. I mean, I'm like 98% sure she was real and it actually happened, but still... part of me wonders.

Me: The phantom cheerleader.

Katie: Something like that.

This sounds like a case for Scooby Doo and the gang!

I think it might be time to retire a couple of undershirts and relegate them to dust rag status.

How do I know? Well, they've kinda bottomed out in the collar. The collar on the one I wore yesterday hung so low that you could easily see chest hair.

Mind you if it was 1982 and my name was Burt Reynolds or Tom Selleck, this might be okay. Alas, I'm not, and it's not.

[Hey, I told you I'm going to try to blog more often. I never said the resulting drivel would be quality.]


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Marty Mankins

Undershirts... I change mine out about once every 2 years. Mostly due to under the arm discoloration (guess deodorant doesn't help with THAT). lol

I think we should all have phantom cheerleaders.


This was a fairly old black undershirt that I rarely wore so I thought it was in better shape than it apparently was. And yes, looking now, it does have pit discoloration. 

Bob "Pappy" Richardson

Don't worry about quality when you are blogging a lot. Look at me. I have a lot of drivel. :)


I could blog only once a month and it would still be drivel. So how is your everyday blogging going? Pull out all your hair yet? 

Bob "Pappy" Richardson

Not pulling hair out yet, however, I am finding more and more cheap tricks to keep it going, like re-runs. Also, I can tell, and I am sure you can while reading, that I am "phoning it in" far more often lol. But, it is a post!


A good way to do it is to hammer out a lot of time-insensitive posts when you're feeling particularly wordsmithy and saving them in draft format fir a "rainy day."

Bob "Pappy" Richardson

Wordpress actually has a scheduler. I am already thinking of writing a bunch of my less topical posts and scheduling them to just post each day I want them to. Especially considering this for when we do a vacation.


I've done that and it works nicely. 


Your drivel makes me giggle...keep blogging buddy, it's better than the alternative!


That it is. 

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