But time makes you bolder...
Oh my heart...

Where streams of whiskey are flowing...

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

If there could ever be a holiday that comes close to comparing to Halloween in its sheer cool factor, it would be today.

Can you get better than Irish music, green beer, whiskey, and everyone actually treating each other like they give a damn about each other (even if it is the result of being in a drunken fog)? No? I didn't think so.

How am I celebrating? Well, I'm wearing green, I had a corned beef sandwich for lunch, I've got The Tossers and The Pogues The Swell Season on repeat on my iPod... what more could you ask for?

Oh, I can one-up that. Katie and I are going into Chicago to have an Irish dinner with her cousins on the North Side and then we're all going to Lincoln Hall for a concert with The Coronas. This could be serious fun.

I hope you all enjoy the day safely. Promise me that as there's no better way to ruin a great day than by acting stupidly.

Where streams of whiskey are flowing...


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Sybil Law

I just want a pot o' gold!!
Happy St. Patrick's Day!


I'll split it with you. 

Kevin Spencer

I wore my Orange t-shirt to work yesterday. Totally forgot what the day was. My Irish co-worker thought I wore Protestant colors on purpose. Total accident I swear. One thing's for sure, St Patrick's Day is *far* bigger here in the US than it was back in England.


Can't figure why. Two countries subjected to years of British Imperialism. You bastards!! ;-)

Marty Mankins

Like my comment to this post, I waited a bit to drink something Irish. Had a shot of Jameson with a friend this last weekend.


Jameson works nicely. 

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