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All I got is this photograph...

I got this idea from Kevin Spencer for a 100-day recap of my yearlong photo escapade that I have dubbed Insty365, yanno, because the rule is that all the photos have to be processed through the Instagram iPhone app.

Of course, also like him, I'm a bit late. By my quick calculations (31+28+31+10 = 100) so the 100-day recap really should have occured back on April 10. Not that I'm not always late, so why change that now?

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And you'll be lost...

I saw the most amazing film the other day during my lunch break. It's called The Lost Thing and it won the Oscar this year for best animated short film. I downloaded it from iTunes the night of the Oscars but had completely forgotten about it. I just found it again the other day on my iPhone so I sat down and gave it a whirl.

It's a story set in what I'd assume is the near future or an alternate version of our own world. A young man living a rather unnoticed existence heads to his local beach to scour for bottle caps for his collection. While there, he discovers this "thing" that he can't identify and to which no one else has paid a lick of attention.

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