Fortune smiles upon our heads...

Welcome to another installment of Snippet Wednesday. Enjoy!

Yesterday, I got the creme de la creme of "in bed" fortune cookies. Check it out...

In Bed

I bought myself a six pack of Grape Crush the other day for work. My boss found a bottle in the fridge and that started a debate over the best flavor. I, of course, chose grape. My boss chose strawberry. And another coworker chose orange. I think we actually managed to cover all the major flavors. Did we miss anything?

As many of you might know, I prefer to use Gowalla to check into locales I visit via my iPhone. The other day, Katie actually went and joined Foursquare. She's never done anything like this before and probably would not have if her knitting store wasn't offering 10 bonus points per check-in toward the total points she needs to get gift certificates. Hey, if there's a way to get gift certificates without spending money, why not? Plus, as an excited Tweet from her today told me, she's now the mayor of our gym. Heh.

A little over a week ago, Katie and I dogsat Lilly for a couple nights. While she was here, she had her way with one of the toys we bought her some time ago. I filmed it on my iPhone and washed it through the Silent Film Director app to give it a 1920s silent film feel complete with goofy music. Here it is for your viewing enjoyment.

Can guys get away with wearing bracelets? I hope so because I bought this one and really like and am wearing it. So I really hope you say I get away with it.

MillionsFromOne bracelet

Dalton1 I think I'm going to spend a snippet or TUA here and there on some apps I've discovered that I really like or am, at the very least, currently obsessed with on my iPhone. Today's featured app is a game I got for free the other day called Dalton - THE AWESOME!

Basically, it's a game featuring a stick figure character running through graffiti-ized cityscapes trying to escape zombies while collecting lost souls for points. The only control is a screen tap for jumping. The longer you touch the screen, the longer the jump. Dalton is in a perpetual state of forward motion so you cannot stop or reverse him. He can collect weapons and extra energy and whatnot to give it that added kick. But, simply, It's just a really fun pick-up-and-go game that takes little to no time to figure out and can provide hours of fun.

Here's a screen cap from the game...


I'm of the mind that the best iPhone games are the simple ones. I don't really want to become involved in really complex and time-consuming games. Just not for me. Never have been. So Dalton - THE AWESOME really appeals to that sensibility in me.

Well, I'm off to finish the first episode of Falling Skies. I'm really enjoying it so far.

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So.. do we have to call Katie 'Her Honor' now?

I'm with you on the Crush. Grape is the best. There was a cherry for a while around here, but I haven't seen it lately. Just picked up some blue raspberry to try the other day, but haven't gotten around to drinking any yet.


Please don't tell me I have to call her "your honor." I also hope she's not reading this comment. Oh boy. Blue raspberry? Really?

Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks

That video of Lilly is hilarious. Love the old-school effects. But, ummmm, you know how when the video is over, they list other videos you might enjoy? Let's just say 3 out of the 5 listed were WAY inappropriate and totally NSFW!!!! What's up with that, YouTube????

And if you like the bracelet and can wear it with confidence, I say go for it. Screw the haters.


Funny thing is that I gave up paying attention to the YouTube recommendations a long time ago. I shouldn't be surprised by the inappropriateness of them. There was some severely inappropriate licking going on in my video. Nasty stuff! ;-) 

Sybil Law

Awwww, Lilly! That's a cute video. Well done!
Bracelets are fine!


Yay me and yay Lilly!


I think that bracelet is masculine enough to pass. :-)


Woo! And it's a fundraising thing too. 

hello haha narf

that dog video is ADORABLE! love what you did with it. clever!

if you like the bracelet, rock the hell outta it. (personally i think it looks good, but what do i know?)

Marty Mankins

I want to use Gowalla more, but about 1/2 of the places I want to check into are not defined yet. I've added some, but I prefer Foursquare because it's rare that I have to create a new place and checking in is easy an quick.

Cute video of the dog.


For me, adding new places is half the fun!


Thanks on the video. I only wish I could've had a fade to black at the end instead of the cutoff. Gotta check again to see if that option is there but hidden. 

And I stand firmly by your bracelet-y wisdom. 

Kevin Spencer

Guys can totally get away with wearing bracelets. I have one too. But they have to be non-chicky. Extremely non-chicky ;-)


I pray mine is non-chicky enough. 

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