14 posts from June 2011

I'm gonna have a party...

Today is a special edition of Snippet Wednesday. Why? Well, one, it's my sixth blogoversary. Two, the Bruins look poised to win the Stanley Cup in another handful of minutes (I'm a Blackhawks fan, as you know, but I'm pulling for the Bruins because I just can't handle the idea of the Canucks winning the Cup). Three, I'm launching my redesign!!!

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Get your freak on...

Welcome to the first Snippet Wednesday of June. Hope you took your Dramamine, this one is all over the place.

Today I went to lunch at Potbelly's. While sitting at my booth eating, I happened to look at the receipt and saw that the girl at the register had logged herself in as "The Queen Beezy." Why do I point that out? It made me laugh. No reason other than that.

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