We're fated to pretend...

I get miss-work sick so rarely that I find myself struggling to find stuff to do while sitting on my sick butt at home. Seriously, the last time I got sick and was laid up at home for two days (October 2010), I laid in bed and watched YouTube videos all day. While, to some, that may seem like heaven, I got a bit bored after a while.

This time around, though, I actually did go in to work for the first two hours this morning because I had a couple meetings I didn't want to even attempt to reschedule.

Afterward, I came home and made some brunch and watched last week's episode of Pan Am (I really do enjoy this show). Then, in an attempt to make myself sleepy, I started reading a book. It didn't help so I made some tea and went through my work e-mail and completed a few tasks that I was able to do on my personal computer.

Now, despite my earlier-stated aversion, I actually went in and am downloading iOS 5 to my iPhone 4. It's amazing how much quicker these downloads are during the day. Six minutes for this download as opposed to the three hours for iOS 4 and some of the larger decimal updates after that. Wow! I gotta do it like this from here on out.

Oh, and I also perused some old DVDs full of MP3s and found some Tori Amos, The Stone Roses, and Warrant. Yes, it's an odd mix, but my tastes in music are all over the damn place. Sue me.

What do you all do when you're home sick? Anything I can glom onto? Please?

Since nixing the dead TiVo last week and switching over to our new Comcast HD DVR, things have been quite peachy.

For one, we've loved having On Demand back. There's so much we've been missing. And it's free! It's also been nice having a high-capacity hard drive as well as a status bar so we know how much drive space we have left.

So, even though TiVo has offered me a replacement DVR for only $50, I'm not sure I want to go back. We're saving money right now on our monthly service charge and we no longer have to pay the rental on the cable cards. That's a pretty nice monthly savings (about $14, if not a bit more).

But, I really need to make sure all our shows are programmed in new unit. I forgot to record last night's Halloween episode of Modern Family. Thank God for online viewing (yes, we've been trying this out lately and it's been nice).


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Sybil Law

I've been sick, too. I just browse shit online and eventually lay on the couch, then get back up and browse some more, then lay back down. It's tiring! Haha - but seriously. When you're sick, there's not a whole lot you can do, or SHOULD do, really. Just relax and get better.
Screw TiVo. Our old cable company kept calling us and offering us these great deals after we dumped them, and it's like, where were these great deals when we were your loyal customers for years and years? Fuck off!
I'm in a mood.


So you're anti-TiVo or anti-cable provider? I can't tell. Sorry you're sick. We'll be sick together.

Michael Longo

I have a Stone Roses CD too - Warrant, they're the "Cherry Pie" guys, a fave at strip clubs (that's what my single friends tell me....) Pan Am? Come on, we watched the pilot and except for Christina Ricci - can you say Black Snake Moan yeah baby - it didnt' float my boat too much. Give me Mad Men or Nurse Jackie any day.


Stone Roses are awesome and I've been a Warrant fan for many many years. Saw them live in 89 and 90. Pan Am is decent enough. The first episode wasn't good enough to judge it by. I can't say I enjoyed the first episode much either.

Suzanne Apgar

Sorry to hear you're not feeling well, Honey. Hope you're better after a little R&R. Love ya!!


Not doing as well as I'd hoped. Thanks for asking though. 

Bob "Pappy" Richardson

If I am actually sick enough to use a sick day as opposed to "working from home", I dose up with the medicine that will make me the most drowsy, turn on the most boring thing on tv for some noise and sleep all day.

The Comcast DVR, WE LOVE IT! That and the on demand for a lot of tv shows means you don't even have to use the DVR as much. Plus, the on demand episodes have a lot less commercial to fast forward through.


The less commercials are nice. But I have noticed that start and end times onTBS on demand shows are wonky. 


Glad you got the new DVR. Hope you're feeling better soon.





That's last year's Halloween episode. Unless Canada is actually in the future. ;-)


You mean Modern Family? I just did a quick screen cap. Haven't actually watched it yet. Did they not do a new episode for Halloween? They were supposed to. 

Kevin Spencer

Hope you feel better soon mate.



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