Burn away the cooking wine...

Today, Katie was needed at work for an hour and a half beyond her regularly scheduled shift. It sucks for her because her shift takes that much longer. I hate it because she hates it. 

However, I cannot say I totally hate it. Why? Because when I get out of work before she does, I get to experiment with cooking!

Sure, I get to cook with Katie when she's home, but she always winds up being the lead while I resort to being her sous chef. Not that I have a problem being her sous chef, but, sometimes, I just gotta let my kitchen freak flag fly. 

I did that tonight. 

Some tortelloni. I admit it's not the most complex of meals what with some steamed veggies on the side. I had an idea for a really great meal and, even though I swore we had everything I needed to make it, I really did not.

I hate that. Plan out a great menu and then have to nix it all. And there wasn't nearly enough time to run to the store and still get back and get it all cooked by the time she got home. 

Perhaps I'll plan it out better tomorrow. We're already pretty sure she's going to have to stay late yet again. At least having a meal ready to go when she gets home helps her feel better after a long day at work.

Wednesday is a very special day for us Webheads. It's the Fifth International Blue Beanie Day in support of web standards. 

BluebeanieThe easiest way to describe the concept of web standards is by referring to the Wikipedia entry on the subject. They describe it as "a general term for the formal standards and other technical specifications that define and describe aspects of the World Wide Web. In recent years, the term has been more frequently associated with the trend of endorsing a set of standardized best practices for building web sites, and a philosophy of web design and development that includes those methods."

You would think that when you create a website, it will just work. It doesn't always work. Browsers such as Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer don't always render webpages the same way. Then there are issues with the glut of cool little tack-ons that people use in web design such as Flash and other scripts that don't always work right from browser to browser or on mobile websites. 

Blah blah blah.

And there is almost no way to get both the companies that develop browsers as well as those who develop webpages to come to some semblance of agreement on how it should all work. 

But we can hope. 

And (I hope) we will wear blue beanies on Wednesday as a show of solidarity in support of web standards. 

Please join us.

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I feel pretty bad when I don't have enough time to cook for Matt and I. Sadly that happens quite a bit. Matt comes home before me but he does not know his way around the kitchen so it's usually best if he stays out and leaves the cooking to me!

It's so awesome that both of you cook, even if the meal doesn't always turn out exactly as you had planned.


I was pretty terrified of kitchens early on. Tell Matt he can be taught and just let him ghost you around a bit. It's worth the effort. Really. 

Marty Mankins

Do dark blue beanies count, cause that's the only blue one that I think I have available.

Cooking... I love to cook, but rarely spend time cooking anymore. I miss it and would love to carve out more time this winter to make some dishes. I make an awesome shrimp scampi over angel hair with a pesto sauce that's very tasty.

Sybil Law

I don't have a blue beanie.
I HATE when I'm trying to cook something, but for me, it always comes down to 1 ingredient that can't be replaced. GAH. Super annoying! So what are you making for dinner tonight?


I think it will be pork tenderloin, broccoli, and roasted potatoes. 


Dark blue counts. Mine is light blue. 

Can I get that scampi recipe? :-)

Marty Mankins

I've got one that's mostly gray with some light blue in it. But just to be safe, going with the dark blue beanie.

Shrimp scampi prep: take 2 dozen uncooked shrimp (the gray kind) medium sized. Chop up two cloves of garlic into fine bits. Add to to a small dish with just 1/2 teaspoon of olive oil. Add finely chopped parley and a few dashes of garlic salt. Mix. In a heated skillet with olive oil covering just the bottom of the pan, add shrimp then add half of the garlic mix above. Stir often, until shrimp are fully cooked (pink). then add the rest of the garlic mix, cover and simmer on low heat for 10-12 mins.

I need to find the pesto recipe. Before making it from scratch, I bought the Knorr's packet at the store, which works well over the angel hair pasta.

Kevin Spencer

One of these days I need to get a little more brave in the kitchen. One of these days. Oh and I don't think I've ever come across "I just gotta let my kitchen freak flag fly" in a sentence ever in my whole life. So there's that.


I strive for novelty. 


Rock! Thanks. 

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