When you're one of the few...

As most of you know, I love and worship Halloween. And, in recent years, I've been nothing but disappointed by the neighborhood kids and their lack of support for my most favoritest of holidays.

This year, however, was much better.

We actually had about a dozen and a half trick-or-treaters. While that may not sound too impressive to many of you, for me, it was a dream come true. Lately, we've only been getting a handful of TTers, at best. So this amount was all kinds of awesome. 

And the kids were into it, too. All but two were dressed up (teenagers). So I was feeling very generous with the candy. I told each kid to take "a few" and everyone seemed to understand what I meant. 

Until, that is, one smart alecky kid.

He looked up at me and asked, "what's 'a few'?"

I looked back, "two or three, generally three."

His response? "I see you and I have differing definitions of 'a few'."

I couldn't help but laugh. The kid made my night. I should've given him more candy just for the convo.

Oh, and no, I did not take pictures of my favorite costumes. I'm not going to wind up at the receiving end of a police interrogation as the "creepy guy taking pictures of kids."

Ever heard of this NaBloPoMo thing? 

It stands for National Blog Posting Month and is a commitment on the part of bloggers to write a new post each and every one of the 30 days of November.

I've never officially taken part in it, but I did manage to complete it several years ago when I had been blogging every day for about a year and a half straight. 

This year, I think I'm going to actually give it a go in hopes that it gives me the motivation I've been looking for to blog regularly. 

Think I can do it? 

Damn, I hope so. I already signed up. I hate reneging on promises. 

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Suzanne Apgar

YAY!! At least that way I will know what's going on in my son's life!!


Better than exposing you to my sick. 

Sybil Law

Of course you can do it!

And we never hand out candy, because we're always out. Gilda cleaned UP this year. Seriously. The most candy EVER. We even gave some away, because it's ridiculous.

Bob "Pappy" Richardson

Good luck on the posting for a month! I would sign up but then I think I would have to post twice a day and the whole once a day thing is melting my brain.

Our neighborhood is still mostly younger kids. I don't think we had one TTer this year that wasn't dressed up. Although, I am going to dis the parents of kids older than say 2-3 that are still just buying cheap plastic costumes. Is there NO creativity left in this world? Come on, let's see some home made magic!

hello haha narf

please come to pittsburgh next year on the saturday before halloween and help my aunt hand out candy in ingram. after their parade there are kids EVERYWHERE and she gets approximately 400 kids to her place. then come to my house a neighborhood over about an hour after ingram's trick or treating ends because i get close to 200 freeloaders. on halloween itself you can go to my friend's neighborhood for another 200 beggers.
i love it.


So is she bouncing off the walls yet?


Ahhh, homemade costumes...




You know, I've never given out candy. Mainly because I've always lived in apartment buildings in my adult years where kids don't really go trick or treating. I sort of can't wait for that day to happen though.

Best of luck with posting everyday! If anyone can do it, I'm pretty sure you can.


Four years ago, I would've agreed with you on that. But, damn, blogging can be tough sometimes. I'm wondering how many times I've said the same stuff but am afraid of the answer. Thank you for your faith, though. 

Kevin Spencer

Seemed like it was the exact opposite in my neighborhood. Last year we got totally swamped with kids. This year was so much lighter. Mind you we still got cleaned out of our candy and had to go inside and turn the lights out so kids wouldn't keep ringing our doorbell ;-)


Lucky you didn't get egged. ;-)

Marty Mankins

I'm doing the NaNoWriMo already. Getting me to blog every day for 30 days is like pulling out all the stops of miracle generation. Although I'm not traveling anywhere all month, so maybe I could pull off 15 blog posts for the month. Half of a NaBloPoMo... would that be a NaBlo? ;-)

Seriously, looking forward to some blog post magic here.


I can't guarantee magic. Not at all. 

I thought about NaNoWriMo but my book idea is an illustrated kids book. Not conducive to 1000 wpd. 

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