Will you draw me...

I've been having way too much fun creating little single-cell comic-y sorts of images on my iPhone. Initially, this effect was created solely using an app called Halftone, which I discovered via a friend on Instagram named bminor.

It has since evolved to include the use of the Photoshop Express and iWatermark apps as well.

Here are a few examples of what I've done...

Mystery Meat #halftone Arsenal Updating

Bat Cave Detroit Rock City

More Halftones are available in a Flickr photo set.

Basically, I take a photo trying to keep the 2:3 aspect ratio of the iPhone camera mentally constrained to square. Then I open Photoshop Express and crop it to a perfect 1:1 square. Sometimes, as done with the Batman and Gene Simmons Halftones above, I will use the Sketch effect in Photoshop Express to make it look less like a photo and more like a comic drawing.

After this, I open Halftone and go to town picking the paper type, caption boxes, visual effects, font style, etc.

The second-to-last step is to add a copyright watermark via iWatermark.

Finally, I post it to Instagram and may or may not add a filter to the finished product.

I know a lot of people may not think that posting images such as these is truly photographic in nature. Photography can be artistic as well. Can't it?

I think I have a new TV hero.

CullenHis name is Cullen Bohannon and he's the main character in the new AMC western series Hell on Wheels

Yes, I know the series is only two episodes deep, but Cullen (as played by Anson Mount) made short work of turning me into a fan. Especially after seeing his "big balls" self-marketing to Colm Feore's Doc Durant in episode 2.

If you're not watching Hell on Wheels, you really should. Now. It's easy to catch up online considering how new the series is. I want this show to last, so please tune in.

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Marty Mankins

I love these pics you have done. So much that I showed them to a friend that also used Halftone (as I mentioned on Twitter). He was impressed. I use Photoshop Express for simple cropping. You've taken all these tools to the next level.


Wow! That's a helluva compliment. Thank you! And here I thought I wasn't really doing much of consequence. 

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