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Hi-ho! And welcome to the 2011 Primetime TV Kappy Awards!

For the record, that was supposed to be a sorta impersonation of Kermit the Frog and not an invitation to prostitutes to read this post. Not that prostitutes who are so inclined are not allowed to read my blog. I wholly encourage it. I just don't actively solicit it... or them... or... hell, let's just get on with it, shall we?

As any of you who have read this site for more than a year should know by now, these awards are voted on by both Katie and me. We just sit down and hash it out. Please enjoy!

Acting Awards:

  • Best Dramatic Acting – Madeleine Stowe, "Victoria Grayson," Revenge
  • Best Comedic Acting – Eric Stonestreet, "Cameron Tucker," Modern Family -
  • Best Dramatic 1-2 Punch – Piper Perabo and Christopher Gorham, "Annie Walker and Auggie Anderson," Covert Affairs
  • Best Comedic 1-2 Punch Ty Burrell and Nolan Gould, "Phil and Luke Dunphy," Modern Family
  • Best Dramatic Ensemble - Revenge
  • Best Comedic Ensemble – Happy Endings
  • Best Male Comeback – We don’t really have one this year. All the cool comebacks have been around for a couple seasons now.
  • Best Female Comeback – Mayim Bialik, "Amy Farrah Fowler," The Big Bang Theory – She took what could’ve been just a couple-episode arc as a female version of Sheldon Cooper and became a full-time cast member. She’s our new Bestie.
  • Best One-Off Guest Role – William Shatner, "Frank O’Hara," Psych – Although, according to previews, he will be coming back in the spring, he’s still just a one-off right now.
  • Best Recurring Guest Role - Michael J. Fox, "Louis Canning," The Good Wife
  • Dark Alley Award – (tie) Emily VanCamp, “Emily Thorne/Amanda Clark,” Revenge, and Norman Reedus, "Daryl Dixon," The Walking Dead – We ain’t messing with either one of them.


Show Awards:

  • Best Drama - Revenge
  • Best Comedy – (tie) Modern Family and The Big Bang Theory
  • Best Late Night Talk ShowLate Night with Jimmy Fallon – we both LOVE Fallon.
  • Most Overstayed Welcome – (tie) Glee and Grey’s Anatomy – Just as quickly as we got into Glee, we’ve now lost all interest. And Grey’s Anatomy? How much longer can that show possibly last?
  • Lost in Left Field – Burn Notice – it was an awesome show for the first couple seasons, but the levels of complexity and confusion are just getting to be too much. It feels like they’re desperately reaching for new stuff to keep the show going. Although the season finale was actually pretty good.
  • Most Surprising (in a Good Way) – (three-way tie) Revenge, Up All Night, and 2 Broke Girls – we truly went into these shows expecting nothing and have become addicted to them all. Great characters, great scripting, and great stories.
  • Second Chancer Two and a Half Men – we gave up on this show a few seasons back, but after the Charlie Sheen brouhaha, how could you not tune in to see how Ashton Kutcher would do as his replacement? And we’re still watching it. Happily.

Network Awards:

  • Best Network – CBS – there are six out of seven days of the week where CBS airs a show we watch. I guess they better bone up on Saturdays.
  • Worst Network – FOX – I have been watching Terra Nova with waning interest and we’ve given up on Glee although we might try Alcatraz in January. Other than that? 

How would you vote?

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I like Glee better now, particularly since it's had more of a Brittany/Santana arc, as weak as it is. No kiss? Really? Not even in the episode "I kissed a girl"? Grr.

Similarly, I still like Grey's, the only other network show with lesbian/bi regulars (that I know of/care to watch). It's slim pickings out there if you want to see those lives portrayed regularly.

I agree with you on Burn Notice. *SPOILERS AHEAD*

If there is no line for Michael when it comes to Fi, why didn't he just snap Anson's neck that first night Anson reveals his blackmail intentions? I mean he'd only just made that recording of Fi, decent chance that Anson didn't have some if I'm dead this plays out scheme in place. Throughout this latest run, I kept thinking, "Why don't they just kill him already?" You know there's never going to be an end to the blackmail.

I feel like they're reaching too hard to keep the burn notice premise alive. I'm perfectly content to watch Michael help people week to week as he tries to get back in the CIA's graces. The large arc stuff has never interested me that much.


I would love to see standalone mission episodes of Burn Notice. The season arc stories are killing its appeal. I can understand watching Glee for LGBTQ stuff but I prefer Modern Family for that. Yay for Cam and Mitchell. 

Sybil Law

I love the Burn Notice episodes this season, FOR their complexity. Eh.
Never liked Glee, never watched Revenge, Grey's Anatomy is still on tv?, never watched 2 and a Half Men, ....
I'm probably not the best person to comment on tv shows. Ha


I just think the complexity is going a bit overboard. How many damn layers can there be to his freaking burn notice?


Modern Family beats out The Big Bang Theory. SERIOUSLY.

I am over Glee and Grey's and yet I keep watching. I must stop. Also add to that list, American Idol.

Cameron, Phil and Luke win in my book every day!


Modern Family is amazing but we're still BBT junkies and proud of it. Yes, stop those shows now. 

Marty Mankins

Modern Family, Happy Endings and Big Bang Theory are the shows I watch these days. I do like Mike and Molly (mostly because my wife won't turn the channel). I do leave the room when Grey's comes on, though.

And yet another Jimmy Fallon fan. Love it. He's so awesome. He also has a new 99 cent Wake Me Up Calls app on the iPhone app store. Funny stuff. Although no "Reading Rainbow" as Jim Morrison included.


I'll have to check out that app. 

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