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Hey all! Welcome to another installment in what is rapidly becoming my not-so-regular regular Wednesday post! Snippet Wednesday! Yes, the double "regular" was intentional.

Happy Leap Day, everyone! Is it true that what happens on a Leap Day doesn't count in real life since Leap Day isn't really a day? Hmmm...

ZOMG!! Vampire Weekend will be headlining this year's Pitchfork Music Festival!! There are two reasons why I'm sooooo excited about this: 1) I've been looking forward to seeing them for a few years now but haven't done so yet, and 2) It means they're close to releasing a new album! Oh happy day!

Do you have any idea how ridiculously happy I am that The Book of Mormon is coming to Chicago?? VERY HAPPY! I cannot wait to see this. I love you, Broadway in Chicago!

Mark your calendars and clear some freezer space in anticipation of March 6! Why? Starbucks re-releases their ultra-limited 40th anniversary Tribute blend coffee that day! This is due to the fact that MANY Starbuckians sent in a boatload of messages to Starbucks' corporate offices begging for its return. And they listened! But it will, once again, be limited time only. So buy some extra beans and freeze them. I know it's not ideal to freeze beans, but when it's limited edition like this, what choice do you have? The baristas at my local Starbucks have already forgiven me my intent to freeze them. They agree it's the only way.

Hugo is out on DVD! I am so looking forward to watching this movie again. And it looks like at least one of the major movie studios is finally listening to fans... although the BluRay/DVD combo pack comes with an UltraViolet copy, the sticker says it also has an iTunes-friendly digital copy included. By the sound of things, this is in addition to the UltraViolet copy. Check them yourselves... the DVD has an UltraViolet-only sticker, while the combo pack has a dual sticker featuring both. Good news since UltraViolet blows chunks.

I only wish I could close out this post with as much joy as all my other Snippets contained. Sadly, I cannot. I have to wish a solemn rest in peace to Mr. Davy Jones, the lead singer of The Monkees, who died today of a heart attack at the age of 66. I love the music of The Monkees and grew up watching the show (in syndication, mind you). I also saw The Monkees play live about 15-odd years ago for one of their anniversary tours. He was quite the showman. Davy, you will always be our Daydream Believer.

Adios, peeps. My monthly New Year's Resolution update is coming tomorrow.


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Sybil Law

I saw The Monkees when I was about 14- maybe even 13 - pretty awesome, though. RIP, Davy Jones!
I can't wait to see Hugo, since I never saw it in the theaters.

Bob "Pappy" Richardson

Ok um, I think you need to cut down on the coffee if you are that excited about paying $30 a cup for coffee. I know, I just don't get it.

And, I know I am being SUPER picky about this, but it has been driving me crazy all day (relating to your title) ... If people are going to tribute to Davy, only play Davy songs. Micky actually sang as many if not more songs actually than Davy did. Davy was just better looking.

The baby is almost here so I am sleeping less and less and getting stressier as the days get closer so forgive my cranky old man comments :)


Um, a $10 pound of coffee lasts for about 40 cups for me. Do the math. As for the title, whatever. He's a Monkee and it's a Monkees song. Plbt!

Bob "Pappy" Richardson

Told you I was just being cranky. :) btw ... the captcha is back.


Hugo is soooo worth it!


I know. They still can't fix it. 

Suzanne Apgar

Did you know that Monkee Mike Nesmith's mother was the inventor of White Out? For you "kids" who have never heard of it, it was a correction liquid that was used when all we had were primitive typewriters. The problem today is that dumb blondes use it on their monitors!!


OK, so I must be really behind the times, as I don't even know what an "ultra-violet" copy of the movie does.

And I'm really dating myself even more here, but I was a huge "Monkees" fan back when the show originally came out.

d@%^ kids!

Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks

Thank you for the heads-up about Book of Mormon - we are totally going to see it! Presale starts tomorrow - any chance you have a password????


I wish I was that cool. Do you have one?


Be happy you don't know about UltraViolet. It is pretty new though. First film was last November/December. 


Blonde jokes from a natural blonde. Oy!

Kevin Spencer

I was a little sad to read about the passing of Davy Jones. I too watched the show as a kid and, like you, saw The Monkees on one of their reuinion thingies back in the late 90s (1998 maybe?) at the State Fair. Was quite a good concert as I recall.

Suzanne Apgar

Yeah, but it doesn't apply to moi!!




They really were good live. 

Marty Mankins

Do you have any idea how jealous I am that you get The Book of Mormon to your town while the town of Mormons gets snubbed (at least for now)? The rave reviews of this show are awesome.


I doubt you'll ever see it there all things considered. ;-)

Marty Mankins

I think you are right.

As for the Hugo combo pack, I will have to seek that out. You and I share a love of that film. So glad it won several Oscars on Sunday night.

And thanks for the update on the Starbucks 40th Anniv. blend on March 6th. Will make sure to stop and have a cup.


My officemate and I are picking up several pounds and freezing and then alternating who brings in a bag each time to work. 

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