Comatose or pretty close...
Do you L-U-V...

But even the crowd can't help me now...

I don't like to get into political discussions on my blog. I don't feel entirely well versed in the topics and truly hate sounding stupid. You can probably count on one hand the number of times I've discussed politics. Let's see... Obama in 2008 and Bachmann last year. Yeah, that's about it.

Clearly it takes some severe motivation to want to discuss politics and, even then, I do tend to keep it pretty general. And, by "general," I mean something like how I think the Republican party is completely FUBAR.

I should preface this by saying that I'm not anti-Obama. I'm not his biggest supporter by any stretch of the imagination. I truly do believe he should've waited things out a bit and served more time in Congress before running for the Presidency. A little more experience would've gone a long way, in my estimation.

Going into last year, though, support across the board for President Obama was at a horribly dismal level. Republicans, Democrats, Independents, those unable to vote... it was just pathetic.

So you'd think that the Republicans would jump all over the opportunity to present us with the best candidates they could possibly think of to counter him in the 2012 Presidential campaign and restore what they define as "order" to the White House.

Who did we get? Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, Michelle Bachmann, Rick Santorum, Ron Paul, Herman Cain, John Huntsmann, Tim Pawlenty, Rick Perry, almost-Sarah Palin, almost-Donald Trump, and, according to this site, a bunch of others I've never heard of who clearly don't know when to abandon a sinking ship.

Really? That's all you've got?

The Conservatives are down to two "viable" (and I use that term very loosely) candidates in Gingrich and Romney. And their viability only continues to weaken both as we hear them talk more and as the former is likely to be endorsed by Sarah Palin and the latter by Donald Trump. Oh. My. God. Talk about a political kiss of death.

Well, in any case, the Republican ticket will be a "Newt" or a "Mitt" vying against the Democratic incumbent in "Barack."

And you wonder why Obama's support has picked up. It's because everyone knows he's going to be our president again and they might as well find something positive about him.

Talk about blowing a golden opportunity, Republicans.

Did you ever think you'd miss Dubya?

No, I don't. Not yet, anyway.

[image courtesy of the Democratic Underground]

I've got the day off today and I've spent it watching a few episodes of Doctor Who (I told February to "bring it on"), reading crap on the web, formulating this sorry blog post, and listening to a guy in Starbucks who has a cellphone with a lightsaber ringtone. Yes, every time his phone rings or he receives a text message, it makes the sound of a Star Wars lightsaber firing up.

Cool and geeky... but very freakin' annoying at the same time.

Can't he just leave his phone on silent and pay attention to the screen to see when someone calls? I'd be far less likely to be wishing him a slow and painful death by cellphone rectal breach.


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While I have had rants here and there about poilitics and tend to be right leaning in general (I've got great formulas from my statistics class I am taking that show me with a right bias just past the mean), I have come to the conclusion that because of the process now, there are not going to be many great candidates anymore. Reason #1- it costs rediculous money, usualy alot of your own to win any significant political position. If not your own, you have to promise stuff to people that have a lot of money. Reason #2- you need to have a record to have experience, but that record always gets held against you (remember Obama voting 'present' was actually a good move). Reason #3- your life, family and anything you are connected to gets dragged through the mud.

If I had the honest thought of running, it really wouldn't be worth it! So most great leaders now run businesses or coach profesional teams. Most wouldn't touch the "opportunity" to be president.

my 2 cents.



I agree on all counts and it's sad. Although I think the money thing could be overcome if needed, it's the personal life probe that should terrify anyone with a soul. Hmmm...


While I am very liberal leaning, I do agree with the first comment 100%. And with everything you said. Which leaves us the people, sitting, looking at all this and basically the thought "WTF?!" crosses our faces constantly. Ugh.

What's more (oh my do I have the opinions on all this) is I think the system is breaking or broken. There is so much that goes on behind the scenes (so to speak) like lobbyists, interest groups, big moneybag donors, etc. From what I've learned, money talks my friend, it comes down to money and power and who has the most of it.

Sickening I tell you.


"Breaking" implies that some part of it is still intact. It be broken! And it's very sickening. 

Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks

I'm pretty sure we could've written the exact same thing when the Democrats had a beautiful opportunity to unseat a not-so-popular G-Dub. Both political parties have their heads up their asses. Rahm for President!!!


Very very true! About heads up asses. Not sure I'm ready to throw allegiance behind Rahm yet. 

Kevin Spencer

If nothing else, my friends in England think the first names of the candidates are rather amusing. "Newt", "Mitt", and "Barack" are not exactly common names across the pond.

Sybil Law

The problem is, you're i Starbucks.

Seriously. Republicans are pathetic and have been for years now.


It's never been that blatant before in a Starbucks. Politicians, however, are always that blatant. ;-)


No, not common at all... Anywhere.

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