Do you L-U-V...
Say my name, say my name...

C'mon boys, let's rock the ho-o-o-o-ouse...

Does anyone know Bill Kurtis personally? I think it would be awesome to have him record, "My name is Bill Kurtis and you're reading Snippet Wednesday at" and embed the MP3 in all future editions. Can anyone make this happen?

After all this time finding an iPhone case that allows me to use my cool little Photojojo macro/wide angle lens, guess what happens? If your answer was, "did you lose the lens, you idiot?" you'd be correct. I can't find that stupid thing anywhere. Well, it's not stupid. It's a great lens. I didn't mean to call you stupid, lens. Just come home, okay? We cool.

I love good parodies. They are so few and far between. I found one earlier today in my local bookstore. It's called Goodnight iPad by Ann Droyd (get it?). It looks and reads like a children's book and is even modeled after the classic Goodnight Moon but pokes fun at modern society's dependence on electronic devices of all forms. TVs, iPhones, computers, DVD players, e-readers, etc. Nothing is sacred. And it's so well done. Go out and buy this book. And if you buy an electronic copy... FOR SHAME!!!

The other day, I heard a really depressing song. Well, it's not depressing in the tempo or anything like that, just the lyrics. It's called "Birth, School, Work, Death" by The Godfathers. The implication of the song being that life is nothing but birth, school, work, and death, in that order. Wow. I know there are some days that it feels that way, but to basically sum up your entire life in four words like that? Depressing, indeed.

Speaking of depressing, this whole thing with the resurgence of Rick Santorum in the polls due to wins in Minnesota, Missouri, and Colorado? That's just wrong on so many levels. I get that Newt and Mitt aren't the best candidates. I said as much last week. But Rick Santorum? Whaaaaaa??? Oh Republican Party, you're even more FUBAR than I previously thought. It's time to just kickstart the U.S. political process from scratch, isn't it? Like Hollywood rebooting the Spider-Man and Superman franchises because the previous ones didn't go as planned. Just wipe the slate clean.

Oh well, time to go clean through some more boxes of childhood crap at my parents' house. Figure out what to keep and then throw away or donate the rest to charity.

If only it were as simple with the White House and Congress.


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Sybil Law

Simple enough with Congress and the White house - throw it all out! Fucking hoarders.

The whole Rick Santorum thing really threw me for a loop. Just... unbelievable, like Sarah Palin.

Want, "Goodnight iPad"!


The scariest thing about Santorum is that he has a very viable shot at the White House now. Yikes! And Goodnight iPad is great. Definitely check it out. 


The sad thing is that not many people are actually voting in the primaries. All the Repub nominees make big deals out of wins, but from what my mom read in the paper a few days back, in some places only ~24% of registered repubs voted. In other words, a very small fraction of people seems to be voting in the primaries, so you couldn't say the results reflect the views of the majority of Republicans. (Sure hope not.)


24%?? It was actually that high??

Marty Mankins

If it were only as simple as rebooting a comic book movie franchise for the GOP to get their act together. I wouldn't mind seeing a viable candidate. Alas, Huntsman is out. Guess we get bat shit crazy at this point.

Now I need to go seek out this book... the real paper kind.


Oh if only it were that simple. 


I think Rick Santorum actually thinks he went back in a time machine to 1512 and is living out his life there attempting to inflict his crazy on the rest of us. True story.

I need to go to a bookstore and check out that Goodnight iPad book. NOT an electronic version. Of course.


*Not* the electronic version, indeed. As for Santorum, I see witch burnings in our future. 

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